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Should You Take Time Off From Working Out?

May 3, 2019

Should You Take Time Off From Working Out?

I loved writing this article for Nylon, and it made me think about motivation as well as how we’re physically feeling. Basically, we can always come up with a (fairly rational) reason to skip a workout… but when should you actually pull the plug? I dissected the common issues (lack of sleep, feeling like $hit, feeling too busy, etc.) and got into the times you should push and the times you should dial back. For me, this is the most useful, game-changing motivator: if you want to bail on your workout, bail, but know that you have to do something productive, not binge Netflix in that time you get back.

Whether you actually need a day off or you’re just being lazy, don’t waste the time you slotted in for a workout. Instead, use the workout time for something productive—even if that means listening to an inspirational podcast or taking an actual nap. Clean your kitchen, sort through a stack of mail, do a load of laundry, meal-prep something healthy for tomorrow, anything that will feel productive and useful. That means no Netflix bingeing. The goal here is to make sure that skipping a workout doesn’t result in a “reward,” so you’re less inclined to skip a day due to just being kind of lazy. It’s a lot easier to get out for a run when the alternative is doing tax prep, amiright?

Click to read the whole piece: Should You Take Time Off From Working Out?

Should You Take Time Off From Working Out?



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