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Running With a Chronic Illness—Do-Able, But Here’s the Deal

September 26, 2019

Running With a Chronic Illness—Do-Able, But Here’s the Deal

Over on MapMyRun, I got to talk about a topic incredibly near and dear to my heart—running while dealing with a chronic illness. I’ve been relatively lucky with my health: I don’t have a major chronic illness by any means, but I do have chronic stomach issues and some minor weird cramp issues that aren’t related to training or any outside stimulus. So while I’ve never dealt with something drastic, I do know what it feels like to have to plan runs around when you’re going to feel the best, bail on runs because your legs aren’t working that day, feel frustrated because your legs are feeling great but your stomach is saying hell, no… All that fun stuff. I chatted with a couple of amazing athletes who deal with more serious chronic issues in order to figure out what you should know if you want to run, but struggle with the ups and downs that come from a longterm illness. Dive in, and if you have any other tips, let me know!

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