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Running, Mental Strength & Confidence with Kara Goucher on The Consummate Athlete Podcast

September 1, 2018

Running, Mental Strength & Confidence with Kara Goucher on The Consummate Athlete Podcast

So, this week on The Consummate Athlete Podcast, I’m a little fangirl-y because marathoner and all-around badass runner (and now author) Kara Goucher was on to talk about mental game, running, confidence and more. I got an early release copy of Strong (and yes, it’s going to be an Athletic Bookworm read soon!) and I have to say, I was stoked on it. For someone looking to up her (or his!) mental game, but who just wants the practical ‘what can I do RIGHT NOW’ concepts, this is a great, quick read with tons of actionable advice. And holy crap, talking to Kara was rad. We got into tons of stuff, from pre-race jitters to journaling, to talking about coming back to running post-pregnancy and the mental and physical stuff that comes up from that. I was lucky that chatting with her happened two days before my A race of the season, so as I was heading up the millionth climb of the mountain run that weekend, I just kept telling myself ‘Kara Goucher told me I had this.’ Yeah, that helped! But don’t take my word for it, listen to the episode!

Check out Kara’s book, Strong

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Show Notes: Running, Mental Strength & Confidence – Kara Goucher

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