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Running at Night: What You Need to Know

May 25, 2018

Running at Night: What You Need to Know

Confession: I am not really a night runner. In fact, I’ve realized this about myself recently when we were asked to go on an 8PM run. Of course, I’ll also argue that I’m not a 5AM runner, despite my best intentions. I’m more of a mid-morning/early afternoon runner/cyclist/whatever. I like to get up, do my yoga, do a bunch of my super pressing work, then hit a workout, lunch, then a bunch more work before the end of the day. Maybe there’s a later afternoon session in there as well, but the big workout is almost always right in the middle of the day. Maybe if I was a pro and all I needed to do was workout, I’d skew earlier when my energy is highest, but for me, writing is still the biggest ‘to do’ for me.

I’m digressing. Point being, we went on a couple of these night runs, and they actually were pretty pleasant. It’s a nice way to end the day, especially if you have people to run with that can’t run any other time. (It’s even better when there’s wine and pizza at the end of it, but that is counter to my healthy-run-habit argument I’m about to make.)

Anyway, I was working on a piece for MapMyRun about people who run at night, and their best tips, from gear to safety to nutrition to getting motivated to get out the door when Netflix if beckoning. It’s not an easy feat, and for those who need to run at night if they’re going to run at all, I salute you. If you’re one of those people, check out the best of the night runners’ advice over on MapMyRun.

Click to read: Running at Night—What You Need to Know

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