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Run Forever + Goal Setting for Age-Groupers – Jonathan Beverly

January 27, 2018

Run Forever + Goal Setting for Age-Groupers – Jonathan Beverly

Talking to author, running coach, and lifetime runner Jonathan Beverly is always fun for Peter and me on The Consummate Athlete Podcast. That’s why, when he came out with his latest book, Run Strong, Stay Hungry, we knew we had to get him back on. Last time he came on the show, we talked all about stride, but this time, we talked about what makes a lifelong runner—a topic that obviously is very near and dear to our hearts. In this episode, we dive into what he learned from interviewing dozens of pro and serious runners who are still running well into middle/old age. He includes runners like Bill Rodgers, Deena Kastor, Pete Magill, Joan Benoit Samuelson, Roger Robinson, Colleen De Reuck, Dave Dunham, and Kathrine Switzer, and their advice is stellar. Much of it boils down to two concepts: consistency, and heart. I love that! Both are equally important: actually getting out the door, and then actually enjoying yourself when you’re on the run. SO SIMPLE! Give it a listen if you’re needing some motivation, or you want some tips on longevity in any sport—it definitely can  apply to most things, and like John says in the podcast, a lot of the lessons he got from writing the book translate beyond running and into life.

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