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Rode in the Rain? How to Keep Your Bike (and Body) From Hating You

February 8, 2019

Rode in the Rain? How to Keep Your Bike (and Body) From Hating You

Rainy (or slushy) rides are a fact of life as a cyclist. Even in SoCal this month, we had brutal rain for a week that trashed my bike and caused Peter to almost cry when he saw how much sand I dragged in when I got back from a particularly wet spin. I should have taken more of my own advice before coming into the studio apartment, like spraying the sand off of my bike with my water bottle, if nothing else. I immediately walked in the house and into the shower, still wearing my full kit so I could get most of the mud off before I put it in the wash. Rainy rides are hell on components, and on our nether regions if we’re being totally transparent… But they don’t have to lead to a wrecked bottom bracket (and yes, I mean your actual bottom bracket but then also as a euphemism. I’ll see myself out.). Check out my rules for riding in the rain and not destroying your life:

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