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The Right Way to a Solid (and Long) Run Streak

March 4, 2018

The Right Way to a Solid (and Long) Run Streak

I LOVE the idea of a run (or ride!) streak—running or doing whatever activity every. single. day. Some of the best-feeling times in my life have been when I would get up and get a couple of miles in every morning, first thing. (That’s since been replaced by my 15-minute core/yoga routine since it’s easier to do in any climate or travel conditions, but I’d love to bring back the running as well!)

But I also know that doing a run streak has its pitfalls: it’s super easy to get obsessed with mileage, or with the idea of keeping the streak going despite injuries or illness or extreme stress. One of my favorite podcast guests/author/running expert Jonathan Beverly is a fan of the (smart) running streak, so I hit him up to collect some great advice for MapMyRun. One of my favorite reminders: A run doesn’t have to be long or hard to count as part of your run streak. In fact, I love that my high school bestie Larissa just posted about a 100-day run streak of her own, where she’s put in at least a mile per day. It doesn’t have to be crazy/long to be totally badass!

Get the best advice on keeping your run streak alive, and let me know if you’ve ever tried one (or plan to!). I’ll definitely be getting back to it once the weather stabilizes here—I’m just not tough enough to want to get out for 2 miles in the dark in 20 degree weather at 6AM every morning… yet.

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  1. Jim Slauson

    I'm a middle age bike racer. I started a 30min/3mile minimum run per day a year and a half ago. I'm going strong and still enjoying each run! Slows me down just a smidge on the bike, but that is getting back up to "speed!" I'm way overall healthier/fitter by adding this to my cycling and so far it has been mentally good too!

    • LOVE that you're still adding running despite being more into cycling—I think it's such a great way to stay balanced. Keep it up!!

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