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~Really~ Pointless Cycling Injuries That Could’ve Been Avoided

April 28, 2019

~Really~ Pointless Cycling Injuries That Could’ve Been Avoided

In the spirit of the 2019 road and MTB season, I looked back at this piece I did with Rally on the dumbest, most avoidable injuries in cycling. Personal favorite? Throwing a poorly-executed punch. But there are a few for the less-hot-headed of you out there as well. Things like overuse injury can go from minor and nagging to season-ending if you’re not careful, and the only thing worse than that is coming back too soon from an injury, whether it’s a stress fracture or a concussion. I recommend giving this article a quick glance, at least, because even though you probably know all of this already, it’s never a bad idea to have a refresher heading into race season.

Click to read: Dumb Cycling Injuries That Could’ve Been Avoided

Dumb Cycling Injuries That Could've Been Avoided



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