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Are You Ready for the #ConsummateAthleteChristmas Challenge?

December 23, 2017

Are You Ready for the #ConsummateAthleteChristmas Challenge?

Over on The Consummate Athlete Podcast, we’ve challenged listeners and those of you who follow The Outdoor Edit and SmartAthlete to set a goal of 500 minutes of movement. Why? A couple reasons:

  1. Holiday challenges around specific sports are awesome, like Rapha’s Festive 500, where riders try to rack up 500KM of riding between Christmas and the New Year. But for people in Canada where the options are fat biking or Zwift Island, or who don’t have easy bike access due to holiday travel, those challenges are tough.
  2. As people who love the Consummate Athlete Lifestyle, we wanted to promote movement over the holidays that was so open-ended that a walk with your mom, a pick-up hockey game with your cousin, or an aerial yoga class with your sister were just as noteworthy as a 100KM bike ride or 15KM run.

So… We’re challenging you to aim for 500 minutes of MOVEMENT. This could be a family walk/hike, Yoga with a friend, your workout of the day, strength or getting out cross-country skiing.

You choose just aim for around 63 minutes for each day this 8-day holiday week (December 24 – Dec 31s).

It is a tough goal… but also flexible to shift your time around and your sport/intensity. Let’s make this an active holiday!

Find details and feel free to post your adventures to the Consummate Athlete Facebook Page. Use the Hashtag #ConsummateAthleteChristmas, and  the best photos/posts/adventures can get prizes from nuun and Clif Bar, a copy of “Fuel Your Ride,” a copy of “Saddle, Sore,” and a three-month training plan are all up for grabs!

Have you checked out the Consummate Athlete Podcast? Do us a solid and subscribe, if you listen and love it:

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