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Racing Weight: Should Endurance Athletes ACTUALLY Care?

June 26, 2019

Racing Weight: Should Endurance Athletes ACTUALLY Care?

I really enjoyed digging into racing weight for Map My Run. It’s one of those topics I think A LOT about, because my community is such a mixed bag of high-level pro racers in a few different types of endurance sport, and plenty of elite amateurs and just plain run/ride-for-fun-and-health-and-maybe-race types. The trend that I see is that the high-level concepts sneak into the recreational athlete’s field of vision and get taken too far or completely bastardized. And like most things, everyone has different, unique needs. The main point in this article, which is well worth reading if you’ve ever considered ‘racing weight’ is this: Racing weigh is only a concept if you’re already within 5 pounds of your ‘ideal racing weight.’ It’s not a construct for losing 20 or 30 pounds. We’re talking tiny percentages here.

But seriously, if this is a topic you think about a lot, PLEASE read this: Racing Weight—Should Athlete Care? 


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