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Putting Down Roots, Putting Things Into Perspective

August 3, 2013

Putting Down Roots, Putting Things Into Perspective

2012-04-28_14-55-36_96It’s been a rough month personal-life-wise, but I’m pretty proud of myself for how I’m handling it. In my head, it’s been a bit of a montage-sequence while I try to find myself and settle down somewhere and get my life together. That means I’ve been watching a lot of my favorite montages, including this one from Scrubs. And yes, I did get a haircut (and a new tattoo and a switch to a nose ring from a stud, but hey, sometimes a girl’s gotta make herself feel different).

But montages and mini-makeovers aside, it’s also been a month with a lot of big movements and decisions. I decided, after an amazing weekend at mountain bike Nationals, to take a step I’d been tentatively considering taking for a while, and started looking for apartments in the Lehigh Valley (nothing set in stone yet, but I have a kickass rental agent working with me and putting up with me and my budget and weird application issues). That’s probably the biggest thing: for the past two years, anyone who knows me knows that more often than not, it’s a game of “guess what state Molly is in.” And that will still be the case: this week, it’ll be Massachusetts, then a stop in Quebec, then Virginia, then home for a couple more NYC adventures, then back up to New Hampshire for Gabby Day’s wedding. Then, September brings Vegas, potentially China, and the list goes on. But I’m hoping that by then, I’ll have a home that I want to go back to, solo. I’ve never lived alone and the idea is terrifying, but that makes it more important.

I’ve been insanely lucky to have an amazing community that spans the world. Right now, I have my ex-intern from London typing away at my desk while I sit on the couch. We’ll be visiting a truly awesome Canadian bike racer in a few days, and before that, I’ll drop The Intern off in Boston in the care of some of my favorite people. I love being able to visit most states and have someone to call up. But when it comes to close friends, a tight-knit community, that’s where I’m lacking, a failing that is entirely my own. When you spend so much time trying to get out and travel, it’s easy to be a jerk and fall out of touch with people who mean the most to you. The best community I ever found was in Western MA, but it was too far from my real home, too far from family. So, I’ve tightened the scope to places within an hour from home, that have solid bike communities and big communities of like-minded people. Lehigh Valley? Check, check and check.

I’m pretty excited at the idea of settling down somewhere again and this time, trying like hell to make it stick. No way is this the end of adventuring, but it’ll be nice to have a place of my own to come home to, a place where I can dance like an idiot and no one is there to see it.

In the meantime, lots of adventures coming up, and lots of really cool stories and projects in the works. Stay tuned!

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