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Pro Tips on Running According to Your Body Type—Endomorph, Mesomorph or Ectomorph

July 12, 2019

Pro Tips on Running According to Your Body Type—Endomorph, Mesomorph or Ectomorph

What makes a runner’s body? You run, and you have a body. That’s the main point here… But if you want to optimize your running potential, there are a few ways to do that based on the three main body types: Endomorph, Mesomorph or Ectomorph. I got Dr. Stacy Sims to talk through the best ways to train and eat for your body type to maximize what you already are naturally gifted with. As for me, I fall pretty firmly into the mesomorph category. I tried pretty hard to fight it when I was a teenager and just wanted to be Mary Kate or Ashley (and I’ve written about my own body image issues here). Now, I know that it’s probably the only reason I’ve stayed fairly healthy through a lot of crazy training phases in my earlier athletic endeavors, and I’ve grown to appreciate and love the fact that I can actually do pull-ups and have a lot of strength without putting much time into it. But it also means that I’m not your typical distance runner—at least, not for marathoning. However, mesomorphs might just be the most ideal for trail running and ultra-distances, because we have a bit more muscle to protect us. Basically, what writing this article taught me is no matter what your body type, you can have tons of success in running. You may just have to tweak your training and nutrition to best serve what nature gave you. Give it a read and see for yourself!

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