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Polarization & Periodization – What You Need to Know on The Consummate Athlete Podcast

January 25, 2020

Polarization & Periodization – What You Need to Know on The Consummate Athlete Podcast

Last week on The Consummate Athlete Podcast, we got extremely nerdy and talked all things Polarization & Periodization and What You Need to Know. Polarization—training mostly easy and adding in sprinklings of super hard efforts, avoiding that middle/gray training effort area—has been a huge topic of debate lately. And periodization gets dragged along for the ride because they sound similar, and because periodizing training is sort of the macro of polarizing: You’re structuring a training block or your entire year to have those easy periods and those hard periods come at the right time to do the best in your goal races. So, Peter and I talked through all of the myths and questions that people have, and touched on some of the misconceptions that people seem to have about what both mean. (Also recommended: our episode with Stephen Seiler, the sport scientist who coined the term polarization!)

So, give the episode a listen…. And as always, let us know what you think by leaving us a rating or review on iTunes! Those ratings/reviews really do help us book big guests on the show, and as we’re getting close to Year 4 of running the podcast, we’re looking even harder at what the future holds for it, so if you’ve found yourself tuning in over the last couple years, please share the love.

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