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2020 One Word Resolution_ Flow

2020 One Word Resolution: Flow

As 2020 is looming, I’ve been thinking a lot about resolutions, goals, intentions, and of course, my one-word resolution. You all know I love a good chance to reflect and reset, so no matter how corny this time of year is, I am here …

Reflecting on the 2019 Season

Reflecting on the 2019 “Season”

As the decade closes out, I’ve been hit with the realization that 2019 really feels like the year that I finally came into my athletic, and arguably, my professional, own. Now, I didn’t win any of the big ultra-marathons out there, and Shred Girls: …

6 Healthy(ish) Recipes to Crush Your Next Holiday Party

Healthy Recipes to Crush Your Next Holiday Party

My favorite piece of advice for holiday party eating + trying to stay healthy over the holidays also means being a great guest: Bring a healthy(ish) dish or two so you’re both a good party-goer, and you guarantee that you have something to eat. …