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Outdoor Edit // #WinonaForever

September 10, 2016

Outdoor Edit // #WinonaForever


So, this picture is from our dear, dear friends’ wedding last year, but I thought it kind of worked for this post, since one of the first comments on it (after ‘this is your folk band album cover,’ was that I was clearly channeling Winona Ryder vibes. This summer, after rekindling my love affair with her style after watching Stranger Things, it occurred to me just how much her style—now and in the 90s—is so very similar to what my ideal would look like. But anyway, this week…

Try this // I met with a naturopath earlier this week (more on that later) and it was sort of embarrassing, but so much of what we talked about ended up being a therapy session that basically just reminded me of things that I already knew, especially where nutrition is concerned. With a big block of travel starting, I’m trying to really dial in my nutrition and especially skip some of the bad habits I’m prone to when on the road (cough, donuts, cough) and talking to her was a great way to kick-start my resolve to clean up my eating habits—especially when I’m stressed mentally and physically! So, I guess the ‘try this’ here is if you know you need that kick-start, treat yourself… but not to a cookie. Set up an appointment with a nutritionist even if you know what he’s going to tell you, buy a new nutrition book, whatever—just do something to remind you to get out of bad habits and restart the good!

Read this // Guys. Stranger Things isn’t just a great show, it’s reminded me of one very simple fact: I freaking love Winona Ryder. And now, she’s back. And she’s everywhere. I loved Nylon’s cover this month, and their profile of her is just so good.

After she orders, Ryder settles into the room’s monstrous leather couch. Slightly hunched in a faded black Leonard Cohen T-shirt, black jeans, and oxfords, clutching a Václav Havel book, Ryder speaks with bubbling admiration for the noted writer and former leader of the Czech Republic. “Václav Havel has always been a hero of mine,” she says. “I underline so much of what I read. It’s awful—I can’t lend my books to people because I don’t know if I’m revealing too much about myself by what I’ve underlined, or if it’s just plain distracting for them.”

Love it, so much. And the cover!


Love this // You kind of can’t talk Winona without bringing up mascara, of course. And in my crazed wedding shopping trip to Sephora, I found one that I absolutely love. Lancôme Grandiose Extreme Wide-Angle Extreme Volume Mascara (it’s waterproof!). Works great, does not come off, and I admit, I’m not great with makeup remover, but I’m trying to use it more and when it does take a couple days to totally come off, I’m embracing the smudginess as a throwback to my punk rock roots.

Before You Go // Rochester this week, whoa, cross is here! And next week, we have talks coming up in Chicago and Madison before we head to Las Vegas for Interbike and CrossVegas. And if you’re into swimming or just considering learning to, check out our latest podcast with the man who invented the Total Immersion method over on The Consummate Athlete.

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