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Outdoor Edit // Why Writers Run

October 8, 2016

Outdoor Edit // Why Writers Run


I’m a cyclist with a running problem. When I’m faced with a busy schedule, a need to get outside but not a lot of time to do it, or I’m on the road sans bike, my immediate thought is to get out for a run. I don’t know when my actual love of running developed. I couldn’t get through a mile until I was 21, and I remember vividly hating every second of every mile that I ran for the first few years. I just did a study of the Runner’s High phenomenon for Map My Run, though, and it got me thinking about running. I guess I started loving it the first time I finally hit my stride and found that runner’s high, and since then, it’s been a constant part of my life. 

Love this // Lululemon Speed Shorts. I bought my first pair four years ago and it changed my running (before that, I was doing my runs—20 miles and more—in junky $10 Soffee foldover shorts with normal underwear. Was it really that shocking that I wasn’t madly in love with running? Wedgies take the joy out of most things. Anyway, I tried a pair of the Speed Shorts and never looked back. And I still have the first pair I bought, with well over 2,000 miles of running and hundreds of washes in the course of four years. And they’re still practically perfect. No stretch, no fade. The only down side is that it’s hard to justify buying more since they last for so long and I already have enough for a week of running! (I did finally get a couple new pairs in Lululemon’s new black and white patterns last month, in part because the patterns were awesome, and in part because they recently made the shorts slightly longer, so they’re much more regular-life appropriate, rather than strictly an in-run short.)

Try this // Get out for a run. Or, if you don’t think you can, try a walk. Just 20 minutes or so, nothing crazy. Don’t make it take the place of your ride (heaven forbid!), just add it to another part of your day. It’s so simple to start! Any sneakers will do, and any athletic-type of clothing is totally fine (this is why it’s sometimes easier than riding. No gear.). Head clearer? I thought so.

Read this // Why Writers Run in The Atlantic back in 2015. Great piece looking at why a whole bunch of different writers run, and how each believes that it helps their writing. (Another great read is this 1999 piece in The New York Times by Joyce Carol Oates about why she runs.)

“I very explicitly use this time to work out writing problems.” -Malcolm Gladwell

Before You Go // Peter and I are at Ride Studio Cafe in Boston next week for a talk—check the schedule for more info. And, ICYMI, I was just interviewed for Faces of Cross, so if you ever wondered what the heck I actually do (and how to get my jobs), this is the place to read about it! Also, we’re hanging out at Gloucester next week, so come say hi! I feel like I missed a ton of people at the last few races.

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