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Outdoor Edit // Whiskey and Words

September 2, 2016

Outdoor Edit // Whiskey and Words


I was going through some old notes yesterday and ran across a letter of recommendation a dear friend and former co-worker of mine once wrote for me. In it, she was answering the question my new boss had asked of how I could be the most efficient at my job. “Let her write,” Steph wrote. And, apparently, she was right! Every once in a while, I step back and look at all of my projects and practically cheer out loud because so many of them are now completely writing-focused. This year is going to be even better, with more rad projects on the horizon. I’ll tell you more about them in a post coming tomorrow!

Try this // Identify and go to your happy place. Literally. Earlier this week, I got to go to Virginia Beach for a whopping 36 hours. And man, I didn’t realize how much I needed it. As we rolled into town, I just had this huge grin on my face. And on Monday morning when we had a few minutes to go for a beach run down by the water, I could not stop smiling. The weather was perfect, and we had the chance to do the run, catch up on some work, grab breakfast at my favorite spot, and lounge on the beach and go swimming in some of the nicest ocean water that there’s been in years! I used to go to VA with my family all the time, and it’s the one place that I can go and no matter how busy I was with work, what was going on in my life, anything. The beach calms me down like nothing else can. Do you guys have a place like that?

Read this // If you were a huge fan of Stranger Things (Winona forever!), you should probably try reading this hilarious piece on Revelist, “17 times Gillian Anderson was better than you’ll ever be.” The only thing I have on her is shoulders that don’t require shoulder pads to make them look broad in suits. (This may not be a good thing.) Speaking of styles I feel like a strong, independent woman would dig…


Love this // Commodity Whiskey (and Rain) perfumes. I jokingly sent a text to a friend who works at a scent-making place a few weeks ago saying I wanted him to come up with a perfume that was “woodsy with a witty twist.” He thought I was insane. But then… I was in Sephora (not a normal occasion for me, but I was there for some wedding makeup!) and my sister hunted down this amazing perfume from Commodity labeled Whiskey that was… wait for it… woodsy with a witty twist. It is the best parts about the smell of whiskey, and let’s talk about how incredible and minimalist the packaging is! And the travel sized one (pictured) is only $22, so I also got the Rain, which is a super light, breezy smell. I’d also add that the perfumes from Commodity are meant to be mixed together, so you can get Rain, Whiskey, Book, Moss… So hip it hurts, but I love it. And it makes me feel so much more put together when I spritz it on. I admit, I was about to do a webcast last night and without thinking, sprayed it on… despite the fact that I was on video in an office alone.

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Before You Go // We had the absolute best time in Norfolk and in Pittsburgh this past week! Amazing. We also have talks coming up in Chicago, Madison, New Jersey, Massachusetts, and maybe another trip to Virginia in the mix. And we hit the 20th post of our podcast, The Consummate Athlete. This morning, Peter said  to me, “You know, we said after 20 episodes, we’d decide if we should keep going with the podcast.” I responded, “Yes,” and went back to work. We’re having so much freaking fun!

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  1. smipypr

    Whiskey on a rainy day. Ahh, memories... So I'm told. I used to claim Jim Beam was my "life partner" until I discovered Mountain West rye. Ahh, memories... So I'm told...

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