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Outdoor Edit // Volume 2

August 23, 2015

Outdoor Edit // Volume 2


Tons of travel this week—last weekend we were in Whistler out in BC, then a couple days in Vancouver, then back east to Toronto and up to Collingwood, but then back to Toronto for some family fun yesterday. So I was really, really happy to finally be in one spot this morning and get in an ultra long trail run with tons of hills, and a quick bike ride after. (Actually, I felt like yesterday’s Frazz comic strip!) Anyway, here’s a few cool things I’ve found this week.

Love this // Velocio’s Light Long Sleeve Jersey in Graphite. You can see it in the picture above (thanks, Peter!): it’s perfect for in-between temps where you would normally wear arm warmers (I don’t tend to love arm warmers, to be honest), and it fits great. Plus, I love the graphite color—you don’t see it too often!

Read this // I’ve been writing a lot about nutrition lately for Bicycling Magazine, and a few articles came up this week that I’m particularly psyched on. First, I got to interview the author of The Thrive Diet, Brendan Brazier. Super interesting and smart dude with some great points about vegan diets. Then, another brilliant guy, Laurent Bannock, and I got to chat about high fat/low carb and what that means for cyclists. (Hint: no matter who I talked to, moderation was always key!!) Then, Stacy Sims PhD, the brilliant founder of Osmo Nutrition, and I talked hydration for cyclists. Plus, I spoke to a psychologist—Mark Faries—about the psychology of how we eat healthy, and Dr. Ralf Jäger about how probiotics can make you a better athlete. It’s been a great month of chatting with crazy smart people.

Eat this // It’s summer and that means farmer’s markets are open! I’m taking full advantage while we’re home and made an awesome peach cobbler for our family picnic the other day based loosely on this recipe. (I sort of faked the measurements, used coconut milk instead of regular milk, added vanilla, and then actually baked them in muffin tins to make a bunch of mini-cobblers, which turned out way better than expected. We also grilled corn and other assorted veggies on the grill the other night—I’ve realized that our go-to for bringing food to people’s houses for BBQs is to just chop up potatoes, sweet potatoes, peppers, tomatoes and onions, add some salt and pepper and a bit of olive oil, then wrap in foil and toss on the grill. The one thing I’ve learned this summer though is that it’s a lot easier to do this if you make a few smaller packages that can get shifted on the grill and won’t spill, versus one monster foil pack.
Get excited for this //We’re in the market for a cargo van or Sprinter, so if anyone has any recommendations, advice, or knows of any for sale, let us know! The blueprints for how we’ll furnish it are starting to pile up and I’m starting to get seriously psyched.
If you haven’t checked it out already, you can check out my other new section, #WhereInTheWorld, where I’ll be highlighting each place we end up in coming months. (There is a lot of travel on the horizon!)

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