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Outdoor Edit // The “Taking a Breath at Home” Edition

March 18, 2016

Outdoor Edit // The “Taking a Breath at Home” Edition


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I keep telling people that for the first time in over two years, we’re in the same place for more than two weeks at a time. In fact, we’re in the same place for three and a half weeks—miracle! We’re cozy in a basement apartment in SoCal at the moment, riding, hiking and running in the Ventura-Santa Monica area and having a great time with no races on until April and the ability to just sit and work—and there is a lot to work on! A bunch of writing projects, and as always, tons for Bicycling mag, plus planning out the next year or so of our lives, including a wedding. Which is exciting, but it’s a lot. But a good lot. 

I could ramble on, but I’ll pause to bring you some of the cool stuff I’ve seen this week.

Love this // Ciele FastCap (pictured above). Now that my hair is somewhat long (after only 2 years…), I pretty much need a hat when I run, to keep my still-growing bangs and the short bits in the front out of my face. After running a super old Adidas hat into the ground, I was looking for a new, cool cap that would work well, match all my stuff, not be emblazoned with a massive logo, and would exude some kind of stylish vibe. Enter Ciele, a Montreal-based company who makes these ridiculously cool caps in rad colors. I love the black and gray because it goes with everything, but there’s a purple and teal one I’m sort of lusting after. Oh, and the hat works and fits perfectly—crazy comfortable.

Get this // Rumble Supershakes. These all-natural protein drinks have 20 grams of protein while being low in sugar, with added antioxidants. And the flavors—Coffee Bean, Dutch Cocoa and Vanilla Maple—are insanely good. It’s a little pricey, but it’s become my absolute go-to for post-workout, especially when I’m in the car, or when I’m having a sever hangry/sweet tooth episode. Definitely worth a try, even if you’ve typically hated protein shakes like Muscle Milk—this is nothing like that!

Read this // I was in Santa Cruz for the launch of the Bell Ambassador Program, and met the new ambassadors, who are working to get more women on mountain bikes. Super badass. So when I was assigned a story on “what I wish I knew when I started riding,” I knew these were the ladies to ask. Their answers were insightful, helpful, and occasionally hilarious. Give it a read!

Eat this // Man, our grocery bills have been insane lately! Part of that is because we’re both actively training pretty hard right now, part is because we’re in one place for a few weeks so we can actually stock food, and part is because I stopped eating milk chocolate and baked goods for the month. Kind of like Lent, but 31 days because I really, really miss cookies. But I wanted to sort of cleanse my sweet palate (I have a serious sweet tooth that was getting exercised almost as much as my legs when I started training big hours again in February). So tons of lean meats, ridiculous amounts of veggies and sweet potatoes, plus the usual staples of yogurt, fruit, and wine (I’m not a saint). Of all of that stuff, though, I’ve been super into a quick and easy cooking trick that Jeremy Powers taught me when we were in The Netherlands. To top off a steak, the yummiest thing in the world is (duh) sautéed onions and mushrooms, and the secret to cooking them is a) plenty of time on low heat, and b) a splash of wine. So, so good. I’ve been adding spinach to that too, to get in another serving of greens. Of course, food is at the forefront of most of my thoughts lately because…

Get excited for this // My new book, Fuel Your Ride, is available next week!! To say I am excited about this is a wild understatement.

We’re in SoCal for the rest of the month, and NorCal for Sea Otter—If you’re around and want to hang, get in touch!

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