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Outdoor Edit // The Netherlands Influence

October 21, 2015

Outdoor Edit // The Netherlands Influence


I’ve been in The Netherlands for the past week, and I’m in love. Not only do tons of people own dachshunds (my pup of choice!), but the color palettes on the more stylish women are neutrals, the cuts are simple, and it’s just chilly enough to want to wear cozy clothes but not so cold that it’s brutal. Basically, I am absurdly happy. 

Love this //It’s no secret that I love, love, love Vivo Barefoot shoes. I don’t even want to tell you guys how much money I spent on them a month ago (not because each pair is expensive—they’re reasonable for what they are—but because I bought so many pairs at once!), but it was worth it. Since I’ve been in The Netherlands, I’ve been so happy with my black-on-black-on-gray clothing color palette, and especially my Vivo Barefoot Gobi Boots (see the photo above). They’re comfortable and I can wear them all freaking day, plus they’re super low profile, so I can pack them into my bag without taking up much space. And I’m a big believer in walking around barefoot and without your toes cramped in a narrow toe box. Plus, when you’re on your feet all day like I am on weekends at races, it’s nice to be comfortable. And there’s a serious style element as well: it’s very basic, but I think it really goes along with the whole own-a-few-good-pieces thing that I’m trying to do more of. (Speaking of… let me know in the comments if you have any suggestions for amazing neutral pieces that travel well!)

Read this // Ultra Romance: This Man Left a Normal Life Behind to Find Adventure over at Bicycling Mag. I’m not quite this badass when it comes to adventure travel, but I love the concept, and this story definitely got me more pumped to get in the van (that Peter and I are still searching for) and get to adventuring… just on our typically crazy schedule, of course!

Eat this // So, I’m in The Netherlands and I still haven’t had any frites or anything fun! But since it is chilly here, I’ve been drinking more and more tea. I wrote about tea a couple weeks ago too, but since then, I’ve discovered my serious love of white tea. It’s basically a more mild version of green tea—and I only picked it up because the airport Starbucks in Chicago was out of green tea—but the flavor is much less grassy than green tea tends to be. It also has more antioxidants than green tea, and often comes with more botanicals (the one I’m drinking right now is white tea with jasmine, so good!). Tons of people say it’s great for skin, and I have to agree: since I started going hard (drinking a few cups a day—it’s chilly enough here that instead of water, I’m almost always drinking tea), I have noticed at least slightly clearer skin and no breakouts.
Get excited for this // The first pass of my latest book with Rodale is just about done and dusted. It’ll still be a few months before the final comes out, but man, is this exciting! I also freely admit that I totally love my editor over at Rodale Books—a few weeks ago when I had an interview to do in NYC, we managed to sneak in coffee, and she’s wicked awesome. We started talking book things, but it quickly deteriorated into girl talk, which made me so, so happy. Traveling with all dudes 95% of the time sort of lessens my opportunities to get truly girly about stuff.
If you haven’t checked it out already, you can check out my other new section, #WhereInTheWorld to see more Netherlands rad-ness.

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