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Outdoor Edit // The Fitness Edition, Apparently.

July 21, 2016

Outdoor Edit // The Fitness Edition, Apparently.

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It’s been a ridiculous travel week… Oh. Right. That’s every week. Well, nonetheless, I’m in NJ for a couple days with the family for some (eek!) wedding planning since we’re only a month away. But I also visited Western MA to make some cyclocross season plans, and I’ve gotten in a few great runs and rides. It’s been a solid week! 

When I tried to think of some of the cool stuff that I’ve found/been into this week, it was all (shocking, I know) hella fitness-related. But more life-fitness versus my normal outdoorsy stuff. Onward!

Love this // I desperately needed new running shoes. My old Skora Phase sneakers were literally coming apart at the seams with how much wear and tear I’ve subjected them to, to the point where I ran with duct tape in my pocket for the Xterra a couple weeks ago in case they completely fell apart on course. So I was stoked to get this new pair of Skora’s Core Women’s sneakers! I’ve tried a couple of brands of barefoot shoes for both running and everyday life and I’ve found other brands that I freaking love for everyday wear, but Skora’s have definitely been great for run performance without a break-in period. (Which, for me, is astonishing. I take ages to break in shoes normally!) Seriously—the second run I did in them was a 13-miler and I didn’t even notice them. Crazy.

Try this // To-Go Standing Desk. Because we’re on the road most of the time, while I’ve loved the idea of a standing desk and feel a lot more productive when I’m at one, I don’t use one very often because we just don’t have a setup. Earlier this week, though, I picked up this awesome/ridiculously cheap TV tray. (Anyone remember the awesome ones from the 90s? I had a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles one.) It was cheap (under $20), it folding perfectly flat, and when it’s legs are out and it’s set on a table or regular desk, it elevates the computer to just about perfect standing height… And it even has a tilt option if I want my laptop to be angled for better typing! Compared to some of the ‘portable standing desk’ options that I’ve seen, it’s not only more cost-effective, it’s a lot more practical and a lot more portable. I’d honestly fly with this this, no problem.

My new "just right" standing portable desk. Win!
My new “just right” standing portable desk. Win!

Read this // Hit Reset: Revolutionary Yoga for Athletes. This new yoga book is absolutely fantastic for athletes (and anyone, really). I’ve been loving it… So much so that I’m talking to UK-base yogi and author Erin Taylor tomorrow for the Consummate Athlete Podcast! Very exciting. The book has a ton of great intel on the best stretches for what you need as an athlete (and it’s broken into sections on balance, breathe, and then body-specific pieces like core, shoulders and hips), but also plenty of information about why it is that we need this stuff, not just a ton of photos and explanations of poses. Though the photos and explanations are also super good! The first part is also one of the most important and frequently ignored parts of yoga: how to check in and truly figure out how flexible you are—so you’re not just faking your way through poses and missing the actual benefits. Namaste!

Before You Go // I talked nutrition in Delmar, NY, at a sweet bike shop—Savile Road—last Thursday and had a fantastic time. It was the first solo talk I’ve given on the topic and it was a total blast… And I got to see how some of the advice played out for one of the attendees when he rode the JAM Fund Grand Fundo last Saturday in Western Massachusetts! I have a bunch of talks coming up, so keep an eye on my new Events page and try to make it out to say hi, and of course, make sure you check out our podcast, The Consummate Athlete.

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