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Outdoor Edit // The Casually Stressed Out Edition

August 12, 2016

Outdoor Edit // The Casually Stressed Out Edition


I’m on a bit of a countdown clock at the moment (pretty big day coming up next weekend) while also getting ready for cyclocross season to kick off, writing a bunch of articles, and working to get a second edition of Saddle, Sore off the ground while our podcast joins a new network, my novel chugs along and we book more clinics and talks, and as a result, I have been what some might consider a giant ball of stress. So, how am I dealing? Getting systems in place, for one thing. There are a lot of lists happening.

Try this // Who doesn’t love a morning routine post? I could read them all day. But seriously, mine has kept me sane this week. HRV monitoring for 5 minutes—while meditating—has been a huge help and a great way to start the day really mildly and mindfully. Just sit up in bed, close eyes again, and monitor away. You get great data (listen to our podcast on the topic!) and a bit of mind clearing. After that, I love being able to feel somewhat caught up on current events, so I read The Skimm for quick headlines, and then—and I’m so proud of this—for the past six months, I’ve done around 15 minutes of French practice with DuoLingo. And last—but definitely not least—I actually get out of bed and do a super quick yoga routine to finish waking up. Sure, it’s a long morning practice, but I get a few things done for myself and my general well-being, I start the day with some learning, and (this is key) it’s four easy wins that I get to check off my to-do list (I use ToDoist to organize my life and all of those are on there as daily tasks). It’s weirdly satisfying and usually puts me in a get-things-done mindset.

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Love this // I’m not a huge makeup person. I kind of wish I was, but working from “home” (wherever that is at the time) and working out at weird hours has made it really hard to get motivated to bother with makeup 95 percent of the time. But I live in hope of being the kind of person who always looks at least somewhat put together. But anyway… In my quest to find wedding makeup that wouldn’t make me feel like I was wearing a mask (the struggle is real), I found myself getting tugged into a Sephora by my little sister. I walked out a bit more broke, but with some pretty excellent stuff that’s going to make it into my every day rotation, not just something I’m going to wear in eight days! EIGHT DAYS! But the one I’m super stoked on was the Nars tinted moisturizer. It felt light, evened out my face, and has SPF 30, which is key for me in terms of daily wear. This may seem like a silly thing to note in this particular bit about being stressed out, but a) when I get stressed, I know my skin suffers and b) if I feel a bit more pulled together aesthetically, I feel a bit more prepared for real life.

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Read this // OK, I’m a little late to the game. But I’ve been reading Getting Things Done by David Allen.  It’s a classic, of course, and I definitely read it back in college. I have a bit of a love affair with books on getting organized (no joke, when I was 7, I repeatedly took out this old 1960s book on organization from the library and started an inbox and outbox, and filing system at home. I was a bit of a nerd.). Anyway, it’s been funny to realize that even though I forgot most of what the book said, I had actually applied a lot of his principles over the years, especially as my project list has grown in so many different directions. But I love re-reading stuff like that because it makes me re-assess my systems to see if there’s room for improvement (always) and honestly, it just gives me a little bit of a kick in the pants to re-motivate. (See what else I’ve been reading on my Goodreads page, which ranges from sporty to nerdy to self-help-y. It’s a mixed bag.) Anyone have recommendations for organizational books that changed your life?

Before You Go // Our podcast, The Consummate Athlete, is now part of the Wide Angle Podium Network! Check out the other shows on there for some great content. We just did a really neat episode about how to crush your first round of golf, and I’m psyched to hit the links soon. And, as always, keep an eye on my new Events page and try to make it out to say hi later this month!

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