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Outdoor Edit // TGIF

June 17, 2016

Outdoor Edit // TGIF


Man, this week was a tough one for me! I had a lot of trouble getting pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) up until a day ago—more on that in a later post—but with great weather, that meant taking long walks and spending a bit more time focusing on training and trying to get more practical work done when creative juices weren’t flowing. But I think I’m just about over my slump, and to prove it, here are a few things I’ve been digging this week!

Love this // Performance Bike Ultra Jersey (pictured above). This week, Peter is actually my model, but I have the same jersey in the women’s version and we both love them! Super simple designs but with really thoughtful details, and both the men’s and women’s version fit us really well. Admittedly, Peter is super bike racer-sized, so most things do fit him well… But the best part about them is that they hold up to a ton of wear and tear, they match anything, and the three pockets in the back are super stretchy so you can cram them full of a ton of stuff. Plus there’s a zippered section on one that’s big enough to hold an iPhone 6. (I’ll be talking more in-depth about these jerseys in the future, but I’m really digging them style-wise, not just for practical reasons, which is why I’m featuring them here this week!)

Read this // The Secret Ska History of That Weird Levitating Businessman Emoji via Newsweek. Need I say more? My punk and ska-loving roots are all a-tingle reading this awesome article.

Drink this // Kombucha. We’re currently brewing our own and it’s weirdly terrifying. Earlier this week, we picked up a kombucha starter bacteria/yeast culture, aka a SCOBY, from a local curator—is that the right word for this? Dealer sounds creepy—and it felt a little like we were becoming part of this weird underground cool healthy kids club. I just brewed the first batch last night and it has a couple weeks to go before we know if it was a success. The SCOBY, by the way, has been named Alphonse and is the first live thing Peter and I have co-owned, even if it is just a kind of gross blob of bacteria. (We’re also attempting a porch garden. More on both of these in the next few weeks as they ferment/grow.)

Before You Go // The print version of Saddle, Sore is on sale for one more week and you might want to pick up a copy for yourself or a new-to-cycling friend before the chafing and sweating in summer heat starts. Plus, I have a bunch of talks coming up so keep an eye on my new Events page! And make sure you check out our new podcast, The Consummate Athlete if you dig cycling content but are considering branching into other sports this summer, too! We have a rad rock climbing episode coming up that I’m particularly psyched on.

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