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Outdoor Edit // Summer Style

May 29, 2016

Outdoor Edit // Summer Style


Love this // Summer has traditionally meant tank tops and running shorts, but the older I get (29 in a couple weeks), the more I’ve wanted to at least attempt to a) have a sense of style and b) not always look like I’ve been running or riding. But I also don’t want to go back to my old punk rock style—just sort of nod to it while staying comfortable and in keeping with the athletic lifestyle I have now. I’ve been super into button-down shirts for the last few months, and I’m super stoked on the white and chambray ones I just picked up at Old Navy last week. (I particularly prefer it with black nail polish, black sandals and black shorts. Punk isn’t dead, it’s just in retirement.) But the shirt: Really affordable, not at all see-thru despite being white, and way softer than your average button down. And the relaxed fit is just relaxed enough to look good with short shorts!

Read this // Why Running Far And Writing Are (Mostly) The Same Thing by Ashley Ream. I loved this article by a fellow writer—especially since I’m working on writing a novel at the moment. I get most of my best ideas (fiction or nonfiction) and solve a lot of problems with my writing while I run or ride, which leads to a lot of pauses during my workouts… but at least I’m getting things done!

Eat this // OK, so ‘eat’ is a strong word. But I wrote a ton about probiotics in Fuel Your Ride, so I thought I’d share. Probiotics are one of the things I take without fail, every day, and I think they really do keep my stomach on track. But with my ridiculous travel schedule, this can be tricky, since most require refrigeration. Thankfully, Peter discovered Prescript-Assist, a soil-based probiotic (as opposed to a dairy based one) that doesn’t require refrigeration. Honestly, it’s easily the best one I’ve ever tried. If you’re a probiotic fan, or if you’ve tried a standard one and didn’t get much benefit, consider trying this one.

Have You // Thought about hosting a Women’s Nights for rad cycling ladies? If you’re a shop, club or even one person who’s thinking about planning a women’s ride, or talk about women’s cycling “stuff” or nutrition, get in touch. Caught up on women-specific cycling “issues” lately? Or checked out our new podcast, The Consummate Athlete?

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