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Outdoor Edit // Summer Is Coming!

May 21, 2016

Outdoor Edit // Summer Is Coming!


It’s warming up in New Jersey, and I am ready for summer to get here!

Love this // Gray, gray and more gray. I read The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Mari Kondo on our loooooong drive home from Arizona last month, and it inspired me to get rid of a ton of clothes that I no longer wear/just don’t fit my personal style anymore. What was left? A ton of black, white and gray clothes, and I could not be happier. I’m planning to do a lot more talking about finding a personal style that fits an athletic lifestyle, can be contained in a pretty small space for travel (a clothing capsule on the road, if you will), and all while still being somewhat “me” (dirty punk kid turned fashion journalist turned athlete) so keep an eye out. But in the meantime, I am absolutely loving this Ciele running cap and this Giro Chrono Expert black-white-and-gray jersey… and the shirt in the photo above, which I found in the clearance rack at a TJ Maxx for about $5 and I love more than pretty much any technical shirt I’ve owned. So soft, and despite never being a cool kid, I am in love with the logo. Just really loving these pieces for their rad fit and function, and the fact that they completely fit in with my personal style.theConsummate AthletePodcast

Listen to this // Have you heard our new podcast, The Consummate Athlete? If not, give it a listen for awesome people and rad tips and tricks for developing fitness that will get you through any adventure. I loved chatting with Ryan Leech about meditation and yoga and how they helped change his cycling, Adam Nawrot on how paddling and MTB are related plus life in a van, and Ryan Atkins about what skills come in handy for winning obstacle course racing world championship events. We’re having a blast playing with this new format!


Drink this // Kombucha. Especially Wild Tonic, a brand of the fermented tea that uses green tea and honey as opposed to the traditional black tea and sugar. I especially love the cilantro-ginger-line blend, and if you can get it on tap (like Erik has at the Bicycle Nomad Cafe in Phoenix—so rad to meet him!), it’s insane. We’re working on a podcast about it, but what I’m especially stoked on is the fact that drinking it has really cut down on my wine consumption without leaving me feeling like I missed out on a drink at night. Plus, it’s been amazing for my digestion.


Get excited for this // While my schedule is pretty jam-packed, I’m hoping to add a few Women’s Nights to my summer schedule—if you’re a shop, club or even one person who’s thinking about planning a women’s ride, or talk about women’s cycling “stuff” or nutrition, get in touch. (Especially if you live on in MA, NJ, NY or Ontario, since I’ll be in that vicinity for the next couple months.) Even if you don’t have an exact location or date in mind, just fill out the form here and we’ll chat! Or check out SaddleSoreWomen.com for more about the book.

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