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Outdoor Edit // Pray for Sun

February 22, 2016

Outdoor Edit // Pray for Sun


Yay, warm weather! Peter and I are in southern California and it’s fantastic being in sunshine and getting a whole lot of riding in. I’m also trying to get back to some more routines and consistencies with my own writing, not just work writing, and this is part of it. I definitely had a bit of a writing-motivation slump during the winter as work kicked up a bunch, and despite still being super busy, I’m realizing that the more time I take for myself—riding, running, stretching—even if I’m ultra-crazed with work, my motivation to do even more actually goes up. So, keeping up with healthy routines and riding is definitely going to be a focus for the coming months. And there’s a lot of personal work to be done—we have a wedding to plan!

Love this // I’ve been revisiting my intense love of surf punk with The Travolta’s Teen Beat on pretty much constant replay as we drive the van around SoCal. It’s unfortunately nearly impossible to find, but you can get all of the songs on Spotify (my favorites are here).


Get this // I’ve been coaching at a camp for junior racers this week and while the riding has been wicked intense (follow on Strava here), I’ve also been running a lot of support. That means a lot of time in the van. So, I’ve been extremely thankful that I had this Rapha musette bag to serve as a purse / occasional actual musette for a short ride. I am also incredibly happy with this punk rock authors notebook. Talk about motivation to write more! Also worth getting: I’ve been freaking loving my Velocio Breton jersey in this bright green (pictured at the top). It’s so fun, wicked comfy, and has perfect pockets, and it’s a bright color without being super loud, but still stands out in a crowd. Highly recommend (especially with their zip-up shorts!).

Drink this // Once Upon a Vine A Charming Pinot. So, so tasty. Just trust me, if you like Pinot Noir and hints of cherry in your wine, this is a (super inexpensive) win.

Get excited for this // Some super cool collaborations are coming up (announcing soon) and I’m beyond excited that I’ll have my hands on my new book, Fuel Your Ride, this week, and you can pre-order it for its launch next month!

OK, one last thing // I posted a picture of this shirt on Instagram and it seems like a lot of you are into really nerd-themed sportswear. So, similar shirt here.


If you haven’t checked it out already, you can check out my other new section, #WhereInTheWorld to see more where I’ve been lately.


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