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Outdoor Edit // Post-Holy Week of Cyclocross Edition

October 5, 2015

Outdoor Edit // Post-Holy Week of Cyclocross Edition


How is it October already? So much going on, all day every day. Van shopping, Holy Week of cyclocross, trying to stay reasonably fit with a ton of travel. Which means new running shoes, since I wore through my last pair. Which brings me to this…

Love this // I love my Vivo Barefoot sneakers but they had worn out (I’m still really loving my flats, plus a couple other pairs I’ll be writing about later that are more lifestyle-based). So I tested out this pair of slightly crazier looking minimal shoes—they’re silver, highly reflective, and shockingly comfortable, even on my first run with them last week. I’m talking about Skora’s, specifically, the Women’s Phase X running sneakers. They are so fricking comfortable. If you’re into natural movement/barefoot running, I highly recommend giving them a look.

Read this // The Power of a Fear-Based Fitness Plan over at Adventure Journal. I love the idea of Commitment-Remorse (like Buyers Remorse) and I sort of started thinking about what event I can sign up for now that will keep me motivated/terrified. Also, I admit, one of my guilty pleasures (and something I consider work-related) is reading women’s magazines like Shape. And their content is actually pretty great sometimes—the October issue has a really interesting article about why we eat really, really ridiculously healthy, and then go completely ridiculously junk food-y (think green smoothie for breakfast, donut for lunch). I do this ALL the time, so it’s cool to see that a) it’s not just me, b) there’s a psychological reason for it, and c) there’s a chance I can change!

Drink this // It’s fall, and not to sound like a total cliche, but that means I’m drinking a ton of tea as the temperatures drop. Anyone with good green tea recommendations, I’m all ears. I also really like the Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Spice Rooibos tea (I know, I know. Pumpkin spice, I’m the worst. But it’s delicious!).
Get excited for this // I go to Belgium in 10 days!! I’ll be staying in Sittard ahead of the Valkenburg CX World Cup, and flying into Brussels. I won’t have a ton of free time,  but if you have any great recommendations for must-see/do/eat/drink/shop places (especially shop, thinking about Christmas presents for my family), then I’m all ears!
If you haven’t checked it out already, you can check out my other new section, #WhereInTheWorld, where I’ll be highlighting each place we end up in coming months. (There is SO MUCH travel on the horizon!)

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