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Outdoor Edit // Packing for the Season and Some Cycling Radness

August 26, 2016

Outdoor Edit // Packing for the Season and Some Cycling Radness


Guys, we just got married! How rad is that? It’s been a whirlwind of a week. So, apologies for not posting last week, but we were in crunch time. Turns out a pretty DIY and also destination wedding is pretty insane to plan, especially in the last few days leading up to it. But everything went off without a hitch, and I have a whole lot of blog ideas that stemmed from it. So stay tuned for that. But in the meantime…

Try this // Lots of mountain biking for me lately. I’ve actually kept up my daily practicing skills and it’s really paid off. But on a less esoteric note, I’ve been writing a ton about bike shorts lately, which is sort of my jam. I’ve been really excited about a couple pairs of shorts I’m checking out lately. For road and cyclocross, I’ve been really excited to get my hands on these Babici bib shorts, and for the mountain bike, I’m stoked to shred in these Sombrio women’s baggies. Woot!

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Read this // We’re leaving tomorrow morning for a ridiculous stream of things—clinics, beaches, Canada, and the first few cyclocross races plus Interbike. We won’t be back again until late September—over a month—so packing is getting a little difficult. Just read this great blog post on Un-Fancy on packing for a 10 day trip (OK, not quite the issue, but it’s got some good ideas!) and at the same time, this great piece over at ManRepeller on cleaning out your closet. I’ve done some pretty brutal cleanouts in the last few months, and I was down to all stuff I really liked… but still there was a bit too much of it. So what I ended up doing was making a couple of boxes of clothing—from underwear to athletic gear to dresses—that I’m not using right now but still love and packing them into the attic. Out of sight, but I’m not just tossing great, well-fitting stuff. I figure in a few months, I’ll go back through, and it’ll feel more like a shopping trip than a clean-out. (Plus as I steadily wear out jerseys and shorts, I can replace them with the ones I stashed.) The closet and my dresser feel less crowded, but I don’t feel ridiculous about getting rid of stuff that’s still good.

Love this // Packing cubes. Seriously, how did I live without these? I just got a few and man, have they made organizing my suitcase a lot easier. I’m pretty bad for stuff starting neatly piled and ending up strewn all over the suitcase and then I can’t find anything. Wahwah. So I’m really happy to be able to organize everything a whole lot easier.

Before You Go // Our podcast, The Consummate Athlete, is now part of the Wide Angle Podium Network, and we’re in the middle of a donation drive. Give it a quick look! Lots of events coming up this weekend and next week in Norfolk, VA and in Pittsburgh, PA. If you’re in Pittsburgh, come out to cyclocross practice on Tuesday to hang out and talk nutrition, or to Women’s Wednesday at West Liberty Cycles!

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