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Outdoor Edit // New Kit Day

June 6, 2016

Outdoor Edit // New Kit Day


Love this // Velocio Women’s Ultra-Light Jersey in Petrol/White. I am truly,madly,deeply in love with this jersey from Velocio. I tend towards white/black/gray for my cycling kit to keep it simple and streamlined, but every once in a while, a color just grabs me, and this deep teal with white just got me. It’s a fun print that’s still, in my opinion, a neutral, and I have to say, next to their long-sleeved slate gray jersey that I’ve worn to death, it’s the most flattering jersey I’ve worn. So great for this summer, and I know I’m going to be wearing it a lot. Bonus: paired with their navy blue bib shorts, it’s a super unique color combo, but one that doesn’t scream “look at me! look at me!” … It simply whispers, “You wish you were wearing this.” It also pairs well with black shorts, in case you don’t want to add navy to your black-on-black wardrobe. And if you’re wondering about the cost/benefit of Velocio—the pair of bib shorts I finally threw away after a crash wrecked them had held up for 18 months of constant wear, and washing/drying in the machine.

Read this // I’ve been reading a ton about the whole ‘capsule wardrobe’ concept, because when you live mostly out of suitcases, it just makes good sense, even if you’re not into the whole “Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up” phenomenon. In thinking about it (and considering my recent foray back into finding some semblance of style versus spandex), I’ve been reading a ton on personal style lately. I really love this Man Repeller post about if personal style is still a thing, and I forever love Un-Fancy for both the practical advice and the capsule wardrobe fashion itself—lots of neutrals, very clean and modern. Generally, that’s what I’m going for, but with a bit more punk rock edge than the boho vibe that sneaks into hers. But still, a great place to start if you’re not really into ‘fashion’ but are into the idea of not dressing like a cyclist all of the time (ahem).

Eat this // I never used to be a salad person, but as the temperatures heat up, I’ve found myself really getting into them. Especially ones with lots of different lettuce (how great is it that arugula is flavorful enough that all you need is a bit of moisture, like a tomato, and it’s delicious without dressing?) and bright veggies on top. Radishes, I’ve discovered, are amazing. Maybe it’s that my stomach has finally gotten used to a ton of vegetables in my diet (as opposed to my college years, when a salad was a rare occurrence and the raw veggies would leave my stomach in knots for hours after). But on the flip side, let’s not forget amazing treats like the ones my sister makes at my old favorite-place-ever, Vegan Treats in Bethlehem, PA. I want to brag for a second about how rad my sister is, and not just because she helped host the cutest bridal shower ever, or because she’s making our wedding cake, but because she’s wicked talented in general:

Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 5.34.51 PM
Before You Go // The print version of Saddle, Sore is on sale this month and you might want to pick up a copy for yourself or a new-to-cycling friend before the chafing and sweating in summer heat starts. And make sure you check out our new podcast, The Consummate Athlete if you dig cycling content but are considering branching into other sports this summer, too.

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