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Outdoor Edit // It’s Fall, Let’s Do Fall $hit

October 4, 2016

Outdoor Edit // It’s Fall, Let’s Do Fall $hit

See? Leggings, mini-dress, vest? Fall <3

I am not immune to fall shit (and I am dying about this Iliza Shlesinger fall sketch). So, as it gets chillier, I am super stoked for sweater season, and then instantly grumpy when I go outside to run and realize it’s actually chilly. And since we’re trying to get ready to build up for Ironman, I am trying to get outside and run longer every day. So, it’s a mixed bag. But add in some apple cider, and I’ll be swayed to the fall side of things. It’s just an adjustment period.

Love this // It’s a little obvious, since I am an athletic female, but I really do love Lululemon basics (none of their ruffled stuff…). I had mixed feelings when I first went into one as a newbie athlete, because a) expensive, and b) the leggings were way stiffer and more compressive than what I was buying at Target. But, the older I get and the more I train (and the more I write about the importance of good clothes for happier lady parts when training), the more I realize that all the stuff I had been buying was just falling apart and needing to be replaced, anyway. So, I fell in love with their run shorts. Game-changer for me, since I used to run in Sofee fold-over shorts (you know the ones) with normal underwear. Not great. I ran a marathon and an Ironman like that. Then, I found the Lululemon Speed Shorts and my world was rocked. And this year, with all the travel, I also realized that cheap leggings, while plentiful, stretch like crazy, sag in weird spots, and rip in washing machines on occasion. Since I can’t fit 10 pairs in my bag to last me through a trip, I knew it was time to upgrade a couple more pairs. I had one pair of Wunder Under leggings that have stayed in nearly mint condition since I bought them four years ago. That’s a long shelf life (and cost-per-use is pretty cheap at this point). So, yesterday I went and got two new pairs and I am the happiest person. The Align Pant II is a softer, cozier version of the Wunder Under, and it is insanely comfortable. Instant win in plain black. Then, I found this black and white pair of high-rise Wunder Unders. I’m new to high-rise, but these weren’t the kind that compress your stomach so breathing is limited. Just comfortable. The best part is that I wear them with long blouses or sweaters or mini-dresses during non-workout time, but they’re also great for running, and since they wash easily, they’re perfect for active travel, and save a ton of room while packing (especially since they lose the bulk that my cheaper leggings had, while staying opaque). Boom.

Try this // I’ve been home for a couple days, and I made it a point this trip to hang out with some people I don’t often see more than a couple times a year at holidays. My awesome cousins. We grew up next door to each other, but we’re a few years apart (they’re older), so as we hit high school and college, we spent less and less time hanging out. But they’re super cool people, and I was reminded of that when they were up in Ellicottville with us for the wedding this summer. So, I made a promise to myself that the next time I was home with a night off, we’d get together. And we did, and it was great. I usually guard my free nights really carefully, but I was realizing lately that while alone time is important to us introverst-in-extrovert-jobs, I do need to take advantage of having rad people in my life, everywhere. So that’s my Try This for the week: call someone you love and don’t see often enough and make a plan. It’s easier than you think!

Read this // Love this Brain Pickings piece with snippets from Leonard Bernstein’s last interview with Rolling Stone in 1989. So cool. ‘Leonard Bernstein on Cynicism, Instant Gratification, and Why Paying Attention Is a Countercultural Act of Courage and Rebellion’ is the title, and there are so many cool concepts that are still super relevant now: especially a lot of the instant gratification stuff. I know for me, it’s definitely true: I was at the mall getting my phone repaired yesterday, and not having it for 45 minutes of wandering around was a wake-up call for how often I reach for it for the instant gratification of a notification or two. Also, there was this quote:

“Though I can’t prove it, deep in my heart I know that every person is born with the love of learning.”

Before You Go // I’m speaking at V5 Cycles in NJ this Thursday about women’s nutrition, and Peter and I are at Ride Studio Cafe in Boston next week for a talk—check the schedule for more info. And, ICYMI, I was just interviewed for Faces of Cross, so if you ever wondered what the heck I actually do (and how to get my jobs), this is the place to read about it!

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