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Outdoor Edit // Interbike Edition

September 16, 2015

Outdoor Edit // Interbike Edition


For those of you who don’t follow bike industry craziness, this week is Interbike out in Las Vegas. To say that it’s a crazy week is an understatement. Tons of walking around, tons of seeing people I’ve known for years and meeting new ones. It’s a busy week, and it’s a whole lot of standing on my feet and then slumping in front of a computer for hours. It’s not glamorous, but it is a blast (I might be one of the few who really loves it). After five years of being at the show, I’ve got a few favorite things I’m using going into it.

Love this // Vivo Barefoot Jing Jing Black Flats. I just got a few pairs of shoes from Vivo—I love their running shoes so much that I sort of kind of bought three pairs of normal life barefoot-style shoes—and the ones I know are going to be my go-tos in Vegas are these simple black flats. Super comfortable, great sole, and really just well made and sturdy. Plus, I got these great, cheap removable terrycloth insoles (they’re washable!) so that the shoes won’t get gross and smelly after a few weeks of sock-less wear. Smart, right?

Read this // Just got Matt Fitzgerald’s latest book, How Bad Do You Want It?: Mastering the Psychology of Mind over Muscle, to as a review copy and I am ecstatic. I was so in love with his book Iron War that I actually bought it in print, and then on Kindle just so I had it to reread whenever I wanted to. No spoilers, but I highly, highly recommend pre-ordering! Also, keep an eye on bicycling.com this week for all the Interbike awesome-ness!

Eat this // BCAAs. I’m trying out Hard Rhino’s BCAA capsules at the suggestion of my lovely boyfriend, nutrition geek and excellent coach, Peter. We know that I have a tendency to skimp on nutrition in busy weeks like this and aim for what’s easy (coffee and pastries, sadly), so getting in some amino acids is going to be really helpful for keeping my nutrition from being too pathetic.
Get excited for this // My new Sony A6000 camera is here!! And I’m in love. Seriously, it’s so, so good. And at CrossVegas, I’ll be running the @crossvegas Twitter feed (make sure you’re following) and I’ll be really embracing the wireless capabilities, so I’ll be shooting with the camera and sending the images straight to my phone to post. Super cool! Also noteworthy (and expect a full post on this later), Peter and I just got on a phone plan together via Sprint (so we upgraded to iPhone 6s), largely because of their baller US/Canada plan. So once we get a handle on if it’s as awesome as it seems to be on paper, I’ll write more about it for you other frequent travelers!
If you haven’t checked it out already, you can check out my other new section, #WhereInTheWorld, where I’ll be highlighting each place we end up in coming months. (There is a lot of travel on the horizon!)

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  1. dakotagale

    "How Bad" sounds like a great book. Pre-ordered! I also run in the Vivos, though I've found I need more padding to throw down 10+ miles, which is where my Altras come in handy. Party on down yonder in Vegas!

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