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Outdoor Edit // If a Mountain Biker Falls in the Woods and No One Is Around, Does She Make a Noise?

July 9, 2016

Outdoor Edit // If a Mountain Biker Falls in the Woods and No One Is Around, Does She Make a Noise?


It’s been a rough week for the world in general. I’ve felt sort of surreal every morning when I get up to read the news—first the highlights of world news, seeing a lot of truly sad stuff (for lack of a better, more wordsmith-y phrase). So, to any of you out there impacted by any of the recent tragedies, I am so sorry and my heart goes out to you. 

And with that off my chest, on to some much fluffier content…

Love this // I’ve been talking style a lot lately, but let’s be honest: my mountain bike is way cooler than my wardrobe will ever be. (Life goals. Out-casual-chic my mountain bike.) The one thing I get asked a ton about on the trail are my purple grips, which are basically the only thing on the bike that isn’t black, white or silver. I was hesitant to add color since I am a neutral-loving gal, but it is pretty easy to pick out of a crowd now, and they’re actually fantastic grips. If you’re looking for a new set of great grips, I can’t recommend them enough: Ergon GA2 MTB All-Mountain grips (and they come in 7 colors, including black if you just want a really good set of grips).

Drink this // I know I write a lot about kombucha, but this week is exciting because ours was ready to drink—and freaking delicious! I was convinced we’d screw it up, but it turned out really well. And it’s ridiculously simple to make (once you find a SCOBI source, anyway). But if anyone has any thoughts on best ways to add flavor/what to add, I’m all ears!IMG_7486

Read this // A few great articles have come across my screen this week. I loved this piece in The Daily Beast responding to the (insane. ridiculous. f-ing horrific) profile of Margot Robbie in Vanity Fair (plus in defense of Bridget Jones!). But Business Insider really got me interested in this (admittedly lengthy) piece about how our down time, our time away from work, is spent… waiting to get back to work. For example: “Time-use studies in recent decades find increased boredom in leisure activities, a finding akin to the ubiquitous complaint of “busyness” in an era of unprecedented technologically driven productivity and automation.” We are bad at chilling out, people! (I type, on a Saturday afternoon.)


Before You Go // We had our first talk at Gears in Toronto on Wednesday and it was a total blast. So much fun with this new format Peter and I worked up: “Becoming the Consummate Athlete: How to Eat Right, Ride Happy and Train Like a Boss.” We covered a ton, and got some great questions (plus honed our comedy routine…). I have a bunch of talks coming up, so keep an eye on my new Events page and try to make it out to say hi! And make sure you check out our new podcast, The Consummate Athlete—check the photo above. That’s about 1/20 of the photo wall featuring pros and amateurs that have come through Active Life Conditioning in Collingwood, and owner and all-around badass Sarah Applegarth shared a few of her secrets of success with us in the most recent podcast.

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