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Outdoor Edit // Iconic Cyclocross

October 18, 2016

Outdoor Edit // Iconic Cyclocross


You can’t beat Gloucester’s Gran Prix of Cyclocross for iconic cyclocross venues and races, and this weekend was no exception. It’s one of my favorite places on earth—not just because it’s where I went on my first date with my now-husband—and it’s one of the hardest races to be at, but not race in. Normally, I’m perfectly happy just being at the race, but my heartstrings tugged when the whistle blew in the women’s race. Maybe next year… 

Love this // Anyway, now that temperatures are dropping, and turtlenecks are in style again, I’ve been all about my Rapha Winter Collar. The gray one I have now—merino wool, very cozy—is actually my second. Someone gave me a light pink one as a gift years ago, I loved it more than anything, and lost it within a year. I pretty much tore my house apart looking for it, but it was gone forever. So getting a new one was pretty excellent this season. It’s amazing what a different that little layer can make for your whole body temperature! And when you’re running around, it’s nice to not have a scarf flapping in the wind. Plus, like I said, turtlenecks are hella trendy right now, so if you wear it tucked under a jacket (I am still in love with my five-year-old Chrome merino hoodie and will never, ever get rid of it), it looks like you’re wearing a super-classy turtleneck. Athletic, fashion-forward and comfy? Yep, that about sums it up.

Try this // Cyclocross! I just wrote a piece for Bicycling on cyclocross skills you should master to race, and that combined with being at Gloucester made me remember how ridiculously fun being on the start line can be. So if you haven’t tried it yet, borrow a bike and hit up a local race!

Read this // I’ve been trying to read more long-form pieces lately, and this Leonard Cohen piece in The New Yorker is one of the better ones I’ve stumbled on lately.

“I took trip after trip, sitting on my terrace in Greece, waiting to see God,” he said years later. “Generally, I ended up with a bad hangover.”

On the flip side, if short-and-sweet is your thing, pick up this month’s Outside magazine with Tim Ferriss on the cover. Tons of really short, really rad (and actionable) advice on living your best athletic life. (I use the Texture app to read pretty much every magazine for under $10 per month, it’s the best.)

Before You Go // I’ll be taking a week off to write and try out farming (!) so no talks for the next 10 days, but I’ll be in Cleveland at the end of October, stay tuned for details on that. And… new edition of Saddle, Sore is almost done! Ordering info will be available late next week.

Last chance: ICYMI, I was just interviewed for Faces of Cross, so if you ever wondered what the heck I actually do (and how to get my jobs), this is the place to read about it!

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