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Outdoor Edit // Home Edition

November 14, 2015

Outdoor Edit // Home Edition


I’m home for an unexpected week, and I admit, I sometimes forget just how nice it feels! Being in New Jersey is always like hitting the reset button, especially when it’s for more than a day or two, and I’ll have 10. Very excited to take in the last bits of good weather and get in some rides before winter hits. 

Love this // I’ve been doing morning yoga a lot lately (just short 6-8 minute videos, but still!), and I am so excited that this weekend I’m heading into NYC to go to a Strala Yoga class that Tara Stiles is teaching, and then interview her afterwards for a Bicycling piece (and hopefully some extra content for this blog!). That’s the best part about traveling a lot: getting to check out cool stuff like Tara’s class when I happen to be in the right spot. And right now, the right spot is in NJ, just a hop skip and jump away from NYC.


Get this // CHCB Women’s Suzzi Jacket. This jacket is everything I have ever wanted in a hoodie. I love the charcoal gray color with the teal accents, and the front panels. I also love that it has zip pockets in the front and jersey pockets with a button in the back. It’s amazing. (In the picture, I’m at the Louisville Mega Caverns.) The only other cycling hoodie I’ve loved this much was the Chrome Women’s Merino Pasha Hoodie (currently out of stock, possibly forever) that I got four years ago and have worn pretty much ever since. I am obsessed with it.

Read this // There are a few pieces I’ve been into lately that sort of touch on the same themes. The (literal) art of adventure in an Instagram world (The Big Business of Adventure on Instagram via Outside Online); how advertisers are looking for gritty realism—but how real is it?—(Forget the Hero. Brands Want Authenticity Instead. via Outside Online and featuring a woman who I am hoping to befriend, sports photog Emily Maye. We keep missing each other at events but I have high hopes!); the designing—both actual and conceptual—of Industry Nine’s Sprinter van and what it means (The Art of Getting Lost via Storehouse.co); and lastly, this gem from Cheryl Strayed on being yourself, being a badass, and giving everything, everything, especially writing (The Art of Motherfuckitude via BrainPickings). All kind of different, but sort of similar themes: authenticity, and total devotion to what one does, whether that’s writing, photographer, or adventuring in general. Really good stuff.


Drink this // 53×11 Organic Fair Trade Coffee. Not only is it cycling-themed, it is delicious. We’ve been crushing it lately. (Man, I write a ton about warm beverages! I blame fall weather.) Try the Chain Breaker Organic Espresso if you’re just ordering one. Also excellent: our little travel hand-grinder and our pour-over. There is nowhere we can’t make coffee.

Get excited for this // With my new book coming out, I’ve started revamping my YouTube channel with some new content. Think recipes, interviews with pros and behind-the-scenes looks at how I eat on the bike and on the road!

If you haven’t checked it out already, you can check out my other new section, #WhereInTheWorld to see more where I’ve been lately.

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  1. Hi Molly, are you buying 53x11 coffee from Hammer Nutrition? I'm interested in checking it out, if you've got a customer referral number let me know and I'll use it.

  2. Hi Molly, are you buying 53x11 coffee from Hammer Nutrition? I'm interested in checking it out so if you've got a customer referral number let me know and I guess you'll get a discount.

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