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Outdoor Edit // Happy Birthday, Dad

September 19, 2016

Outdoor Edit // Happy Birthday, Dad


It’s my dad’s birthday tomorrow, so this is my early happy birthday to him post. My dad, if you haven’t already read something about him, is super rad, and the reason I got into triathlon in the first place, since he raced before I was born. He’s always been a huge supporter of everything I do, and so for his birthday this year, my sister, Peter, my mom and I endeavored to surprise him. And we really did! I also want to note that I was entirely too slammed with the whole getting-married thing to wish my amazing mom a happy birthday on here (her birthday is now my anniversary, which is pretty cool!), but I am ridiculously lucky to have two incredible parents.

OK, enough of that… Let’s talk cool stuff!

Love this // OK, this was dad’s birthday present and I think it was a good one. When I surprised him with it, I think he almost cried, and all he had to say was that it was ‘pretty f-ing awesome.’ I’m talking, of course, about the ultra-cool Trek Stache, a plus-bike that can be converted for regular 29-er tires. It’s burly enough for dad while still being reasonable as a mountain bike, not as a baby fat bike. We had one ride together since he got it, along with his MTB crew, and we had a fantastic time. Excited to see how he improves on it!

Try this // I talked about this at women’s night at Revolution Cycles in Madison last night, but I challenge anyone reading this to bring a new rider on a one-on-one ride. We were talking about how to get women to come to women’s only rides, because the woman who runs the ones here says she often has women interested, but too nervous to actually show up. I suggested an informal mentorship program, and the more I talked about it, the more I was into it. So, let’s start grassroots-style and do it in our own hometowns by bringing a newbie out on the bike. You might make a new best friend!

Read this // I absolutely love stories about young women doing rad stuff (so inspiring!), and this New Yorker piece, “The Wall Dancer,” about 14-year-old Ashima Shiraishi’s rise to bouldering fame and dominance is absolutely worth the read.

Ashima seems to view climbing as a venue for accomplishment rather than as a ground for adventure. “Climbing used to be for the misfits who couldn’t catch a ball or the small kids like me who got cut from the baseball team,” Lowell said. “Now it’s for élite athletes. They’re trying to perform a perfect ten.” It’s a particularly unromantic strain of rock ratting; the wild allure—wandering the continent, living out of a car—has been bred out of it. Or perhaps, for Ashima, it’s just down the road.

Before You Go // ICYMI, we signed up for Ironman because we are insane. We’re in the middle of a crazy travel block, so apologies for any radio silence on here, but back soon—and with a bunch of new talks on the schedule! In the midst of cyclocross and planning a book launch (and testing new material and finalizing Saddle, Sore new edition!). Busy time, but that’s how we love it!

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