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Outdoor Edit // Get Muddy on Trails and in Belgium (Running and CX-style)

November 14, 2016

Outdoor Edit // Get Muddy on Trails and in Belgium (Running and CX-style)


Ack, where did the week go?! I forget that when traveling for cyclocross season, I get pretty insane with travel, managing Aspire, and keeping up with all of my normal writing—plus a few new projects, like the recently released new edition of Saddle, Sore, and the subsequent planning with that. I’m heading back to Belgium this week, so expect more from me on travel, and general cyclocross insanity on my Instagram, Twitter and now, Snapchat (all @mollyjhurford). But let’s get to it!

Love this // New sneakers from VivoBarefoot! Peter and I both got new sneakers from Vivo last month and I think after a month of running in them, we’re both feeling pretty smug about our choices. Peter went for the off-road Primus Trail SGs (pictured above) that are designed for muddy, slick terrain, with crazy traction on the bottom while still being barefoot-friendly. I went the opposite and got the absolute thinnest pair of road flats they had available in a sick black-and-white pattern, and while I’m not a mountain goat on the trails like he is, I’m loving how they feel on the road (and how little they pack down in my suitcase!)

Try this // We all need a little calm in our lives right now. Check out one of our first Consummate Athlete podcasts with Erin Taylor, founder of JAS Yoga and author of HIT RESET, an awesome book on yoga for athletes.

Read this // Why You Still Feel Insecure Even After Getting in Shape over at Greatist was a really fantastic piece. It’s one of those things I know I struggle with: in my head, I’m never 100% “in shape” and I definitely have the tendency to think that if I can finally be psyched on where I am with that, everything else magically will be amazing. (Things are already amazing. I am just whiny.)


This already-unrealistic goal is usually compounded by another unfair expectation. Once you achieve that physical goal, you’ll feel how you’ve always wanted to feel: whole, connected, happy, alive.

Before You Go // ICYMI New version of Saddle, Sore: Ride Comfortable, Ride Happy is available now!! Jazzed on that, and working on adding the new book launch shindig dates to the website, so stay tuned for that. In the meantime, if camping is your jam, check out my latest post on surviving a week of full-on #vanlife with my husband while camping in Kentucky. Or, if you have a cold or sore throat now that temps are dropping, I’ve got some natural solutions.


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