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Outdoor Edit // Dropping Temps, Riding Bikes

November 6, 2016

Outdoor Edit // Dropping Temps, Riding Bikes


Midwest tour has begun! Drove down to Cleveland yesterday to do a talk, now I’m in Cincinnati for Pan-Ams, then Peter and I are testing out our now-renovated Ford Transit Connect by camping for the week (the weather is looking gorgeous!) between there and Louisville. Then, we’re hanging out in Louisville for a race weekend, so if anyone has any amazing Louisville recommendations, I’m all ears! It’s one of my favorite spots—so stoked to get back to Quill for coffee, and my favorite taco place on earth!

Love this // Performance Women’s Elite Flurry Jacket. Now that it’s getting cold, I can talk cold-weather cycling! I love a good winter jacket, and this one from Performance bike has an insane price point (around $100) with some of the most high-quality features I’ve seen on any jacket. Personally, I’ve been loving the magnetic neckwarmer piece that keeps you as cozy as a scarf, and the slightly offset zipper is really quite cool looking, while the zippered pocket in the back is massive enough for anything you’d need on a ride. The bright blue is fantastic, and the jacket is just really warm and well-made. It’s also on sale for only $80, so if you don’t have a winter coat yet, I’d recommend this one. I also love that there’s a brushed jersey and regular long sleeve in similar color-ways so you can layer like I did in the photo above and look like a baller for under $200 total! And the tights I’m wearing—Performance Thermal II Tights—are ultra-comfy with a great yoga-style waistband, they’re super warm, and holy $hit, they’re on sale for $30! Kit up for winter, ladies!!

Try this // The weather hasn’t turned completely, so do you have time for one last camping trip? We’ve been camping all last week and I’ve rekindled my love of the outdoors and seriously reset my stress levels. It was an amazing week at General Butler State Resort Park in Kentucky—check out why! PS: leave me any cold-weather camping tips in the comments, because I have a feeling we’ll be needing them soon and we are just learning the ropes.

Read this // Gahh, total tearjerker, even if you don’t love baseball. Read “This One’s For All The Cubs Fans Who Didn’t Live Long Enough To See It” over at Deadspin if you have time to cry this morning. I tried to read a paragraph to Peter and wound up sobbing midway through. He… did not know how to handle it.

Wayne Williams spent all day driving from his North Carolina home to a cemetery in Indiana where his father is buried. His dad died in 1980 — “If he hadn’t been dead in 1984, that would’ve done it for him,” Williams told WTHR — but they had an agreement before he went. If the Cubs ever made it to the World Series, they’d watch it together, father and son.

Setting up a folding chair by his father’s grave, Williams put on the radio and listened to the Cubs win the whole damn thing. And yes, he brought his “W” flag.

Before You Go // Umm, big news! New version of Saddle, Sore: Ride Comfortable, Ride Happy is available now!! WHAT?! Also, head over to SaddleSoreBook.com for my 2016 Christmas List for Rad Women Cyclists. I’m pretty stoked on it.


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