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Outdoor Edit // Back to Europe, Slightly Jet-Lagged

December 16, 2016

Outdoor Edit // Back to Europe, Slightly Jet-Lagged


And… we’re back! To Belgium and The Netherlands for Christmas week of cyclocross, that is. First up this weekend is Namur, then Zolder on the 26th, and this time, Peter is here with me to support the Aspire Racing crew (which is Ellen Noble and she is hella fun, so it’s a pretty sweet week all around). We got in yesterday and about 2 minutes after getting our bags, ran into Scott Kelly (our latest Consummate Athlete Podcast guest!). He’s here with the Canadian crew, but had a later plane of juniors he was waiting for, so we got to start our trip with a coffee with a friend. Not bad! Follow along with the rest of our adventures at @mollyjhurford. 

Love This… Peter and I fight over who gets to use the Thule Crossover Rolling 22” Upright with Suiter carry-on bag (and I regret to say he won this round). It feels as big as a suitcase but sneaks through as a carry-on, rolls like George Clooney would love it in Up In The Air, and holds basically everything you could possibly need. (And I am a chronic overpacker.) If you’re looking for a burly, big carry-on that will last a long time, this one is it: we’ve been kicking the crap out of it all season and it’s still in perfect shape.

Read This… Because I’m not home this Christmas, you’d think I would be smart about holiday shopping. I am… still not great at it. And with so much back-and-forth, I definitely bought more presents for people than I realized, since I was storing them all over the place. But Refinery 29 has a hilarious slideshow of things we buy on the holidays repeatedly even though we know they’re dumb (hello, tiny sequins dress I buy yearly for the parties I NEVER ATTEND.) Read it here!

Read This, Too… On a more serious note for those of us in the creative industry, Peter forwarded me this great piece he ran across about Jim Henson and getting paid for being a creative. Read it (it’s actually the first chapter in a book) over at LongForm.org.

If you’re an artist, an innovator, or a creative person, this scenario should sound familiar to you. We may go into a career because of our values, our ideals, our art, but the reality of capitalism opposes us. Our dreams just don’t pay the bills. So what exactly is an artist to do?

Before You Go… Done holiday shopping? If not, check out my Gift Guide for the Consummate Athlete (or the SaddleSoreBook.com Gift Guide)!


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