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The Outdoor Edit 2018 Gift Guide

November 28, 2018

The Outdoor Edit 2018 Gift Guide

I know I’m a little late to the Gift Guide game here on The Outdoor Edit but it’s been a roller-coaster of a month on here and in life. So, without further ado, a few of the things I’m giving as gifts this year that I’ve been loving for the last 12 months. There’s a good mix of bigger-ticket presents and stocking stuffers, and goodies for all ages and athletic styles… So, let’s dive in!

Shred Girls: Lindsay’s Joyride – PRE-ORDER (With Stickers in Time for Christmas!)

So, obviously if you’ve been following along, you know that this is my first book in the Shred Girls series, and it’s out May 7, 2019 with Random House/Rodale Kids. It’s now available for pre-order, but to make it a great present option… HUGE BONUS ALERT: If you pre-order Shred Girls: Lindsay’s Joyride before December 20, email molly [at] theoutdooredit.com your receipt and a mailing address and I’ll send you a signed postcard + a sheet of awesome Shred Girls stickers so you still have something to put under the tree!

(PS: Over on Shred-Girls.com, I have a girl-friendly gift guide if you’re looking for a present for a younger cyclist!)

About the book: An empowering new series from the cyclist who runs Shred-Girls.com is guaranteed to give readers an adrenaline rush–and the confidence girls gain from participating in sports!

It’s time to ride and save the day! Lindsay can’t wait to spend her summer break reading comics and watching superhero movies–until she finds out she’ll be moving in with her weird older cousin Phoebe instead. And Phoebe has big plans for Lindsay: a BMX class at her bike park with cool-girl Jen and perfectionist Ali. Lindsay’s summer of learning awesome BMX tricks with new friends and a new bike turns out to be more epic than any comic book–and it’s all leading up to a jumping competition. But some of the biker boys don’t think girls should be allowed to compete in BMX. Now it’s up to Lindsay, Jen, and Ali to win the competition and prove that anyone can be great at BMX.

Instant Pot

I’ve written about how this is the athlete/apartment-dweller’s best friend and I stand by it. This smaller, faster version of a slow cooker is an awesome present for the athlete who already has all the gear he or she needs, but is a mess in the kitchen.

  • $100 (but goes on sale often at this time of year)
  • Get it here

On Running Pants

I’m obsessed. I’ve written about these pants ad nauseum already but if you have a super fashionable runner you have trouble buying for, just make life easy and get her (or him) a pair of these pants from On Running.


Run Janji W’s Horizon Long Bra in Pacha Green

Might as well make a sweet matched set for your runner, right? I love this brand because a percentage of their sales go towards water projects in developing countries… and their stuff is so damn cute. I love the long bra as a workout tank, especially paired with sweats (though also great with the Janji matching leggings)!

Topeak D2 SmartGauge

If you have a cyclocross racer or MTBer on your shopping list, get the best stocking stuffer known to man: A digital pressure gauge. I can’t believe how handy this little gauge can be, and how few people actually carry one around. The amount of times Peter lends his out on a race weekend is shocking: Being able to dial in tire pressure can make your handling so much smoother and help you avoid flats and pointless slide-outs.

nuun Immunity Tablets

Another great stocking stuffer, nuun’s new Immunity tablets are perfect for cold and flu season, since they add Zinc, Turmeric, Elderberry, Ginger, and Echinacea to their already electrolyte-packed mixtures. They’re super tasty, and giving them as a holiday gift is the gift that keeps on giving, since chugging a glass of water with a nuun tablet before heading to bed after one too many glasses of eggnog can help you avoid a serious hangover.

Anker Wireless Headphones

The Soundcore Spirit X Bluetooth Sports Headset from Anker is cheap as hell and it WORKS. The mic is perfect for when I’m doing walking calls, and the battery life is phenomenal (it lasts 12 hrs and akes under 30 min to charge). The headphones are made to hold up to rain and sweat and after a couple months of wear and tear, mine are still as good as new. If you have an athletic friend in need of a good set of headphones, I highly recommend these — and they’re only $40, so they’re ideal for someone like me who breaks hers on a regular basis.


VivoBarefoot Lotte Eco Suede Women’s Sneakers

I write A LOT about VivoBarefoot as virtually my favorite shoe brand, and anyone who’s spent any time with me knows that I love to do as much barefoot as possible (literally and then with barefoot shoes). I even got Peter and my younger sister equally obsessed. So I’m really happy to see Vivo getting more and more fashionable (like my Ryder knee-high boots), and I think this pair of sneakers is the perfect ‘gateway’ shoe, since unless you’re really paying attention, you might not realize it’s a barefoot shoe! The gray with pink accents reminds me of Rapha (which makes sense since both are London-based brands) and I would wear these with pretty much everything.

Floyd’s Of Leadville CBD Isolate Recovery Protein in Chocolate

I’ll start by saying I am a TOTAL SQUARE. Meaning the idea of CBD with THC isn’t really my thing, but I have been super intrigued by CBD isolate, the non-THC Cannabidiol compound. It won’t get you high, but has been shown to help with inflammation, and honestly, CBD is freaking everywhere in the wellness industry right now. I’ve been using Floyd’s because I know how rigorous their testing process is, and that they care about it being WADA-legal… plus, the protein powder has 27 grams of protein per serving and is a really high-quality whey—and it’s super tasty! I’m a big fan, as someone who needs more protein on the daily. (I have a whole article coming on CBD soon, so stay tuned)



Gore Bike Wear Cycling Gloves

These thin, windproof gloves have possibly the best touchscreen ability I’ve ever found in a glove, and for that alone, I love them. The Windstopper upper makes them surprisingly warm for how thin they are and they’ve become my go-to run/hike/bike gloves, though obviously not when temps get super chilly. But I’m really, really impressed by them, and if you have a friend who always ends up freezing his or her fingers in an attempt to snap the perfect selfie, these are A+.

“Ride Bikes Get Rad” Shred Girls Workout Tank

OK, I’m biased, but I love this workout tank top from the Ride Bikes Get Rad collection over on Shred Girls. It’s super flattering and I’ve been stoked on it for offseason gym workouts. Grab one for the Shred Girl in your life!

Let Your Mind Run: A Memoir of Thinking My Way to Victory

Deena Kastor’s running memoirs was one of my favorite books I’ve read about running in the last few years. Super easy to get through and filled with a shocking amount of practical advice, it’s a must-read for runners. (Check out other picks in the Athletic Bookworm section if you’re looking for an athlete-friendly book of another style!)

Bike Skills Lessons or Private Yoga/Training Session

Search for a local coach who specializes in skills training (like Peter Glassford in Ontario!) for whatever type of activity your friend is into. Whether she’s already a superstar on the bike or just getting started, skills training is a huge component to growing as a cyclist. And if you’re looking for a bike-bonding activity, taking a lesson together can be a ton of fun! Not a cyclist? A private yoga or strength training session is a freaking awesome gift to someone who’s getting into fitness but isn’t an expert yet.





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