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Outdoor Edit // Are You Ready for the New Year?

December 23, 2016

Outdoor Edit // Are You Ready for the New Year?


It’s only a couple days until Christmas, but since we’re in The Netherlands waiting for the Zolder World Cup, it’s feeling a little anti-climactic. Still, I’m trying to make sure that we take time out to wander the downtown, since it’s pretty classically Euro-Christmas-y at the moment, watch some holiday movies, and generally enjoy what has traditionally been my favorite time of year. And, of course, I’m looking forward to the start of 2017—I just love the idea that it’s a chance to start something new. (Even though I know we can do that any damn day.) As always, follow along with the rest of our adventures at @mollyjhurford. 

Love This… I’ve talked about the 7mesh Resistance windbreaker that I absolutely love for riding and running (and travel, since it packs down to next to nothing), and I’ve talked about the Lululemon Align II tights that I am equally obsessed with for walking, running and life in general (also travel, because they DO NOT STRETCH, and can be handwashed). What I failed to notice, though, was as I’ve been adding back color to my otherwise entirely white-black-gray wardrobe, I’ve been adding one color in particular: this royal, dark purple! I was putting away laundry the other day when I realized that I basically had a eighties-fabulous track suit in this particular shade, in two of my favorite pieces, so of course, I had to put it on and rock it on a trip into town for a coffee. It’s not going to be an everyday sartorial choice, but I thought it was hilarious, and wanted to give a serious nod to this almost-neutral shade of purple!


Read This… It’s not online yet, but this month’s issue of Self magazine had two great articles. Side note: I read this one on my favorite app of all time, Texture—it’s like the Netflix of magazines, so I can actually read over 100 *good* magazines, plus a huge amount of archives, for under $10/month! Anyway, there were two great pieces: “How Far Can You Go?” and “Natural Beauty (What It Really Takes)”. I thought both were fantastic, and even if you’re not usually into the women’s fitness magazines, I think they had a lot of great value: the first was one was about how easy/hard it is to become your “best self” when aligned with a panel of experts and tasked with writing it as a story. Between a nutritionist, trainer, life coach, etc… It was still hard for the author to make big changes. So, for those of us who have visions of this ‘best self’ for 2017, it’s do-able, but I think the takeaway is that a) it’s not easy, even if the changes are all fairly minor one at a time, and b) it’s best done with a support system, whether it’s a group of your friends or actual experts, or a combination of both. I know for me, one thing I need to do more of this year is reaching out to people for mini-mentorships when I need them, instead of barreling into stuff solo. The second article was great too: the total cost of what looking “naturally” gorgeous is for most of us. With ‘fit beauty’ being super en vogue right now, a quick glance at a magazine like Self or a #fitspo photo on Instagram might look super natural. But the cost of facials and laser treatments for glowing skin, waxes for smooth hair removal, neutral manicures and pedicures to keep hands and feet smooth and supple, frequent haircuts and blowouts for that beachy wave… Not to mention all the clean eating and training that it takes to maintain a rockin’ body! None of those are bad things (and I certainly indulge in a fair amount of them), but it was just interesting to finally read about women admitting to it, instead of the usual “I just drink a lot of water” answer you see in most interviews.

Read This, Too… On the topic of “How Far Can You Go?”, I wrote a post earlier this week that seemed to strike a chord for a lot of people. I asked what everyone’s one word resolution for 2017 was. (Mine is “collected,” and you can read why over here!)

Before You Go… Excited about cyclocross? Check out our podcast with Scott Kelly, bike mechanic to the stars. And if you’re into more generalized winter training for whatever sport you’re excited about, make sure you listen to our Consummate Athlete December Q&A! And, of course, happy holidays—I hope you have a great weekend, wherever you are and whatever you’re doing!


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