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Outdoor Edit // All That Glitters

November 23, 2016

Outdoor Edit // All That Glitters


Back in The Netherlands for the last week, which has been really fun and a great chance for me to reset on some work stuff, get back to training, and eat/drink some delicious but also some amazingly healthy food. We’re only here another few days, but it’s been a big trip—we even finally got to check out Amsterdam! Anyway, watch this weekend’s World Cup cyclocross insanity on my Instagram, Twitter and now, Snapchat (all @mollyjhurford). But let’s get to it!

Love this // My friend Ellen recently told me about Ten Thousand Villages and I am obsessed with some of the jewelry that they sell—and it’s even better knowing that it’s all fair trade and ethically sourced. They have a shop in Northampton, MA, and I popped in to grab a present for a friend a couple weeks ago and ended up with the brass bracelet I’m wearing in the photo. I never used to be a big gold/brass fan, but lately, maybe thanks to rose gold, I’m getting more and more into it—especially this super simple, modern, clean line design. So good! (It’s also only $25 and they have a big sale going on right now, so I’m doing a bit of Christmas shopping now…)

Try this // I’ve been walking pretty much everywhere while I’ve been in The Netherlands lately, to get groceries in particular. Lots of walking with really, really heavy backpacks and bags, so it’s sort of doubling up strength training with cardio, especially since we’re on a hill top. It’s especially gratifying since we just did a Consummate Athlete Podcast with Katy Bowman about walking and her amazing new book, Movement Matters. So… What errands have you walked lately?

Read this // Outside Online has a ton of rad articles this week, but I am freaking loving this one on “Four Reasons Why You Should Love Cross-Country” for some running inspiration/feeling sort of bummed that I didn’t get into cross country when I was in school. But it’s gotten me stoked on the trails in Sittard in The Netherlands this trip! I’m also loving their photo essay, “One Couple’s Journey from Canada to Argentina in Their Sprinter.” It reminds me of the piece I just wrote on surviving #vanlife as a couple, but with a bigger sprinter and longer trip than ours! I’m super jealous of their wood paneling.

It wasn’t always smiles and sunshine on this trip, but it brought us closer than we could ever imagine. We’ve certainly tested our relationship in tough situations and under stress. It’s hard to hide or ignore your differences when you live in a van and spend nearly 24/7 together. We saw the good, the bad, and the ugly very quickly and were forced to confront our issues. Somehow, it worked out for the best. We still fight but keep improving on our communication and patience with each other.

Before You Go // Last time, I promise, but… new version of Saddle, Sore: Ride Comfortable, Ride Happy is available now!! Jazzed on that, I just added three new book launch shindig dates to the website—all at the Trek Stores in Ontario this December—so if you’re around, I’d love to meet you!


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