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Outdoor Edit // A Bachelorette for the Record Books

July 31, 2016

Outdoor Edit // A Bachelorette for the Record Books


I am ridiculously lucky that, despite a hectic lifestyle the means Peter and I rarely stay in the same town for more than a week or two, we have amazing friends all over the world. And this Friday, I was reminded of that when we went back to Collingwood for our joint bachelorette and bachelor party! With three weeks til the big day, it was our last weekend in town, so the girls (who have graciously adopted me into their crew) and I went downhilling at Blue Mountain, got girly over mimosas and makeup, and met up with the guys (who had XC MTBed) for dinner at a new taco place in town. Basically, my ideal day.  

Try this // Downhilling. I am not the best mountain biker in the world, by any stretch. Actually, a lot of technical features scare the crap out of me. But, as it turns out, downhilling is just plain fun—even if you’re not a super-pro. I figured that out at a women’s night at Whistler last August and was reminded again when we went to Blue Mountain on Friday for a day of bachelorette fun, bike nerd-style. I had forgotten that beginner friendly trails exist, but once I remembered, my burly rental bike and I had a blast on the beginner trails, and ended with a wicked run down an intermediate trail. Downhilling is amazing for your confidence on the cross-country bike, too. With the massive bike, you learn how to go over obstacles and carve corners, but more important, you leave with this sense of “I can do that!” that just feels incredible. So if you’re struggling on the mountain bike, honestly, I recommend trying downhilling for a day. It’ll change your whole view of the sport.

Love this // For downhilling, I have to say, I was SO stoked with my shorts pairing. Because you don’t spend a lot of time in the saddle, but you are pedaling a bit, I opted for Giro’s amazing merino wool Boy Undershort. It wears like a pair of short-shorts, but has just enough chamois so when you are pedaling, you’re comfy (and they’re sewn in California!). It avoided the diaper-feel while riding the gondola up the hill thanks to the thin chamois, and made dropping my shorts a lot easier (plus since I normally wear bib shorts, this let me wear a tank top without straps showing!). I paired them with the Showers Pass Women’s Gravel Shorts and I was good to go.

Read this // I knew downhilling was going to intimidate me, so I read up on fear and how it helps us thrive. Thanks to a 2014 long-form article on Outside Online, I figured out that ‘fear is energy,’ and some other insights into why we’re terrified and how to fix it. That search also took me to their more recent article on 10 Ways to Raise Brave Girls, and while I am obviously not a mom and not raising brave anyone, I was hoping for some insight. And I got it! One of the ways was to find role models for your young girls, and it occurred to me that a) the women I was about to ride with are my role models in a lot of ways, and b) I want to be that role model and actually try the things that scare me. (Obviously, I’m a bookworm. This is how I function. Tequila pre-ride might have also helped, but this was probably better for my balance.)

Before You Go // Holy moly, it’s already almost August and that means the insanity is about to begin! Wedding is three weeks away today, and the week after, we’re hosting a clinic and two talks. Keep an eye on my new Events page and try to make it out to say hi, and of course, make sure you check out our podcast, The Consummate Athlete. I’m pretty stoked on this week’s episode that will feature yogi and total badass new mom Erin Taylor.

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