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Osprey Dyna 6 Hydration Vest Fits Like a Freaking Dream—And a Hydration Pack Secret Tip!

February 18, 2019

Osprey Dyna 6 Hydration Vest Fits Like a Freaking Dream—And a Hydration Pack Secret Tip!

I finally am running / hiking long enough distances to necessitate a run pack again, and I freaking love the Osprey run vest lineup—their commitment to women’s-specific fits is really impressive across all their lines. For the last couple months, I’ve been dealing with some minor knee issues that wouldn’t resolve and I think I’m finally through the worst of it…. And one big thing that’s been fun to bring back is this Osprey Dyna 6 Hydration Vest with 1.5 liter reservoir. It fits crazy-well, and doesn’t jiggle around AT ALL.

While the reservoir itself only holds 1.5 liters (which is still plenty for most adventures—I had a similar pack for the 50-K ultra this summer and only used maybe a liter of it, if I’m being honest), the storage is SO good. There’s a zip pocket on the front that fits your phone plus three other front pockets for smaller bottles, like a gel flask (or, in my case, for a FKT where I’d be filling the reservoir and waiting for iodine tablets to kick in, a flask for a few sips of water while I’m waiting). And in the back, similar to a bike hydration pack, there’s a big section that can be tightened or loosened with two clips that’s perfect for stashing a raincoat or extra top layer. There’s also—in addition to the reservoir pocket—another zip pocket that allows for a ton more storage for even more gels/bars/etc.

This is the pack that I’ll use for the 80K FKT we’re going to go for this summer, but I also have been using it for shorter runs/hikes. And once it’s on, you honestly don’t feel it.

Also hat tip to Osprey: I love that they have multiple sizes, since it’s super fitted. (Mine is an XS, but I could easily do a S because I have pretty broad shoulders for my frame.)

I admit—I actually love this pack SO much that, after I realized I really liked it, I bought the black version of it when I spotted it on clearance at REI, because you guys know me and my deep love of neutrals. I figure I’ll lend or give the blue to someone, or I’ll keep both and use them until they completely wear out. But I stand by my ‘when you find a product you love — running shoes or shorts, bike saddle/chamois — buy a couple of them because they likely will not stay the same.

PRO TIP: Get the air out of your hydration pack before you run by flipping it upside down and sucking the air out (try not to swallow the air or you will get hiccupy or gassy. It’s the worst.) Honestly, doing this has been a game-changer because I HATE the sloshing noise, and this creates a vacuum-like seal on it. Shout out to my running buddy Krista for finally enlightening me!!!

Pro tip #2: If you’re going to race with a pack, run with it A LOT. I was super dorky in CA, doing any runs longer than 40 minutes wearing it, and all hikes. It’s super important to get used to it and make those minor adjustments, because no one wants chafing at 10K into a race.

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