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Whether you have a little-known bike park, a women’s group looking for more info or a skills clinic, a race that needs some social media help, a cool new trail system you want to show off, a rad adventure race that needs to be seen to be believed, or even a town that’s great for outdoorsy types that you think is worth visiting, we want to know about it! In the past two years, Peter and I have been extremely lucky to travel to a ton of awesome places and events. We love going to new places for rides, races or any other outdoor hijinks, and of course, writing about it afterwards. We spend most of our time on the road, and we’re always up for adventures.

From TSEpic promoter Dave Pryor: “One of the best parts of running an event like the NoTubes Trans-Sylvania Epic is getting to work with, and for, people like Molly Hurford & Peter Glassford. Whenever we had an idea for a story or social media post, Molly ran with it–and often had already covered it keeping our presence on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram timely and fun. Peter was not only a class-act as a bike racer, but he gave us some helpful advice during it and has been a great advocate for it leading up to it and afterwards. They’ve also been a part of a number of my other cycling-endeavors, and whenever I see them show up I know the event is going to turn out fun for everybody there.”

Want us to come check out your place? Get in touch! (Scroll down to see a couple examples of our coverage.)

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Louisville Mega CavernsCheck out @BicyclingMag on Snapchat for the whole day in photos from our ride yesterday, or watch the videos that Peter and I filmed on Bicycling Mag’s Periscope to get a full view of the park. It’s massive, it’s muddy, and there are awesome jump lines (I got a teensy bit rad. But not too rad.). You can also check back to my Instagram (@mollyjhurford) and Peter’s (@peterglassford) for more from the weekend, and see Peter’s article on Canadian Cycling Mag’s website.


Trans-Sylvania Epic MTB Stage Race: From articles on Bicycling magazine about riding rocks and surviving stage races to Periscope videos to running the race’s social media channels during the race, plus daily blogging and racing on Peter’s part, soigneuring on Molly’s, we had TSEpic covered in 2014 and 2013. It’s a great race to be a part of and it’s always an absolute blast. Molly helped to take photos and add text to the TSEpic social media channels (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) for all seven days, while blogging daily about it here. She also used her own social media accounts (Instagram: 2100+ followers // Twitter: 3440+ followers // Facebook: 350+ following) to share stories from the race and the week, and wrote three larger pieces for Bicycling on the race (Ride Rocks Like a Pro Mountain BikerTips for Surviving a Mountain Bike Stage RaceCoolest Bikes at the Trans-Sylvania Epic Stage Race). Peter wrote a daily column for Canadian Cycling Magazine, seven stories in seven days of racing, and placed fourth overall in a deep elite men’s field.

Other recent races, talks and coverages have included: Paris to Ancaster race in Hamilton, ON; Providence Cyclocross Festival in Providence, RI; Gloucester Cyclocross in Gloucester, MA; Women’s Night at Rose PT in Washington, DC; Interbike and CrossVegas in Las Vegas, NV; Sea Otter Classic in Monterey, CA and many more.