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On Embrocation Cycling Journal: Vegan or Bust(ing Out of Skinsuits)

November 16, 2012

On Embrocation Cycling Journal: Vegan or Bust(ing Out of Skinsuits)

In cyclocross, you may have noticed that there’s a weird overlap between the mud-covered, barrier-hopping crowd and the mosh-pitting, punk-rock-loving scene. It seems like a lot of my cyclocross friends are either still spending Friday nights playing shows, or have hung up the guitars in favor of some knobby tires. I remember when I first started racing, I was shocked to recognize some of my longtime friends from the punk scene, decked out in spandex and covered in ads for very expensive brands. The hilarity of that isn’t lost on me. But that isn’t the point, exactly. My point with this article is, oddly enough, nutrition. Vegan nutrition to be exact, meaning (if you didn’t already know) a diet of no animal products of any kind, including meat, eggs and dairy. Because for some reason, the punk kids that I know also tended to be vegetarian, or vegan. And a lot of those kids are the ones who got into cycling after/during their punk rock days. The more I thought about it, and looked at the quality of some of their diets (Mo Bruno Roy and her amazing food blog being a prime example of vegan done right – and tasty!) I started wondering: are they stronger because they’re vegan? Is being vegan helping them race faster or keep weight down?

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