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On Books and Bikes

April 30, 2012

On Books and Bikes

The other day, a friend asked me how my “super-pro-author-cyclist-adult life” was. I had no choice but to answer: “Awesome.”

And it’s true. Every day, I’ve been lucky enough that it’s my job to talk to some of the coolest people in the world, for the magazines I write for, or for the book.

Speaking of which, favorite quote of the week comes from Molly Cameron: “Stop looking for excuses and race your bike.”

Which is what I’ve been doing a lot of lately. Mostly mountain biking, which is why I finally upgraded my junker mountain bike to a lovely Specialized Stumpjumper. I’m still trying to convince myself I deserve it, so I guess that means a lot more racing is in my future. Got my Cat 1 upgrade as well, so we’ll see how having a nice bike helps my results in that field! Dirt Fest and hanging out with Rebecca Rusch, my favorite endurance mountain biker, is coming up in just a couple of weeks as well, so that’ll be a great chance to get some real skills practice in!

I was also lucky that Cannondale replaced my cracked-at-the-seattube Super Six with a newer, sexier model. I’ve decided his name is Eduardo (don’t ask me why, it just felt right) and he and I have big plans for each other.

So with riding, writing and racing all coming along swimmingly, I’m forced to admit that life is pretty darn good.

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  1. Congrats on the book, the new bikes, and success in mountain biking! I got into racing through cyclocross and love it, but mountain biking was a revelation. A good day on the trail is sublime.

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