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North Face Women’s Enduro Hydration Backpack — Quickie Review

April 24, 2014

North Face Women’s Enduro Hydration Backpack — Quickie Review

image_1I’m a big fan of running errands while sneaking in workouts. And if I can double up a workout, I’m super psyched. So while I was out in San Francisco trying to get to yoga at Vibe Yoga every day, I realized that I needed a running backpack. Since yoga was done in a heated room, I was too sweaty to run home in the same clothes, since it cools off quite a bit out there as the day wears on, and I was going to mostly night classes. I also wanted to be able to run with my Kindle Fire, so I could do a bit of work before class as I cooled down.

So I headed to a nearby running store and came out a lot poorer after dropping $110 (it was on sale) for the North Face Women’s Enduro hydration pack. While I wanted it for a backpack, I figured a hydration one would be better since I could use it for long runs during the summer as well as for running errands with the actual hydration pack removed.

I’m a mountain biker, so I’ve had a couple Camelbaks, and liked them for riding, but running is a whole different movement and motion and needs a different closure system. Additionally, I hate anything that fits around my waist for running. Fuel Belts have been the bane of my existence, since for whatever reason, pressure on my stomach makes me cramp up, wicked bad.

This one, as you can see here, closes right under my sports bra, and has a good amount of adjustment options. That said, I’m pretty small, and I can imagine that some women, especially more busty ones, may find it a bit constricting. The style was made for women, but I do think that’s the minor flaw: women it fits comfortably are small enough that—to be blunt—boobs in the way is a non-issue.photoBut anyway… The pack fit well, and a couple of runs to yoga proved comfortable. It didn’t bounce around at all, and didn’t constrict breathing or motion either.

The best use has honestly been the past week in Canada, where I’m about 2k from the pool. That’s not so far I’d want to bother kitting up and riding, and way too close to drive. So having a backpack that fits a small towel, suit and goggles has been amazing.

It’s got a boa feature that’s meant to be used so as you drink more and more, you can tighten the pack, and I love it because I can tighten or loosen it depending on how much stuff I have in it. So if I run to town for a couple of groceries, I can keep it tight on the run out, and then loosen it to add whatever I buy. And while I can’t get a laptop in, my Kindle Fire with the case and keyboard fits fine, so I can run to coffeeshops for an afternoon of work if I want.

imageAs far as bags go, this one has proved super useful. And I’m psyched to do a few epic runs to test the hydration element of it!

photo(1)Couple of extra features include the nifty wide sections on the straps where you can stick an MP3 player, a few dollars, or (if you’re daring), your phone. It dries fast (both from rain and wet swimsuits), adjusts easily, and I have yet to find something I dislike about it!


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