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New Consummate Athlete Podcasts: Simplify Training, Go Long, Stay Positive and Get Your Kids Active

July 20, 2016

New Consummate Athlete Podcasts: Simplify Training, Go Long, Stay Positive and Get Your Kids Active


If you haven’t, check out our new podcast, The Consummate Athlete, I’d love it if you did! Peter and I have been talking to some truly cool, inspirational and just plain awesome people in the past few months. I haven’t written about it a ton on here since our first few episodes, so if you’ve missed any, catch up!

80 Percent is a Passing Grade

In this “monopod” episode, Peter talks about how even if you do your workouts 80 percent correct, that’s still pretty darn good. It’s a short episode, but a really cool insight into how we can derail our training in the pursuit of perfection.  Peter Presents ‘80% is a Passing Grade’ — Monopod Episode

A Para-Athlete Shows Us True Positivity

Since getting paralyzed from the chest down two years ago when he got his by a car, Glenn Hartrick has not only survived, he’s thrived. Going from Ironman and Runner’s World cover model to handcycling extraordinaire, he’s a total badass and one of the most optimistic, cheerful guys that I’ve ever talked to. Triathlete relearns skills, thrives as a para-athlete — Glenn Hartrick

Mom Power

Sarah Applegarth owns the gym where Peter works when we’re home, but she also trains racers and athletes from elite cross country skiers to 10-year-olds. She’s an ultra-fit lady herself, having played soccer and hockey at fairly high levels, and now she’s into a bit of everything. She is the Consummate Athlete and she’ll help you (and your kids) become Consummate Athletes too. How to Be a Fit Mom & Entrepreneur – Ep. 12 – Sarah Applegarth

Hike for Months

Ever wanted to ditch the office job and head out on an adventure? Reese Wells has some advice for you, from bike touring and Ultimate Frisbee to his latest endeavor, a five month hike along the Greater Patagonia Trail—plus some rafting along the way. How is he prepping? We chat about it. How to Prep for a 5-Month Hike — Episode 11 with Reese Wells

Climb Like a Boss

Entrepreneurs are awesome! Leslie Timms is my new hero, and I want her to be my best friend. She’s a pro rock climber and a guiding instructor at her business, On the Rocks, in Collingwood, Ontario. She gives us some tips for getting into rock climbing as total newbs, and her advice on calluses is a game-changer for me. Peter and I are also now in a pullup competition thanks to this chat. Rock Climbing, Small Business and Travel — Episode 10: Leslie Timms

Oh yeah… Did I mention we’re on YouTube?

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