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New Consummate Athlete Podcast: Leslie Timms, Badass Rock Climber

June 21, 2016

New Consummate Athlete Podcast: Leslie Timms, Badass Rock Climber

Courtesy of Leslie Timms

Make sure you head over to our Consummate Athlete page to check out the latest podcast! Leslie Timms of On The Rocks, a climbing and guiding company in Collingwood, Ontario, is one of the raddest women I know. She’s an elite rock climber, a kickass coach, and her training tips made me (and Peter) slightly scared of her. Give it a listen if you’re intrigued by rock climbing and want to get into it but aren’t sure where to start, or if you’re just interested in how someone manages life on the road chasing the best climbs while running a successful business. I have a huge girl crush, and I bet you will too.

Listen to the newest Consummate Athlete Podcast

How did we meet Leslie? I’m going to brag for a second about how great Peter is: the two of them spend a lot of time (Leslie training, Peter coaching) at Active Life, a gym in town. And last year, for my birthday Peter hired On the Rocks, Leslie’s company, to take us on a climbing adventure. And since I love rock climbing but rarely get to do it, I was a happy camper.

See? Best fiancé ever.
See? Best fiancé ever.

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