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My Marathon History AND Advice for Tackling Your First Marathon with Coach Luke Humphrey on The Consummate Athlete Podcast

November 10, 2018

My Marathon History AND Advice for Tackling Your First Marathon with Coach Luke Humphrey on The Consummate Athlete Podcast

I’m going to say that I have had a lot of ‘first’ marathons. There was the ‘casual’ one that I did 6 months before my first Ironman down in VA Beach as a 21 year old.

Guys, I don’t even want to show you this picture. But it’s too good/terrible to not share. From top to bottom: Poorly considered perm, bandana tying back hair. Thermal long sleeve with Hanes cotton tank top under it. Long gray shorts with PINK VA BEACH SOUVENIR STORE SHORTS over top, because ~drumroll~ I soaked my favorite Soffee running shorts in a shower curtain incident the night before. (I KNOW.) Knee brace and ridiculously bulky Asics really rounded out this ridiculous stride, too.

This, my friends, is what it looks like when you grew up non-athletic and had no one to explain to you WTF you’re doing:

Then, there was the marathon at the end of my first Ironman. Stylistically, less offensive. But this was mile 5… by mile 20, I was dry-heaving in every port-a-potty and hobbling:

Then, there was my first trail marathon, back in 2013. (There were only 10 women, and this lovely woman named Karen and I tied for first. This was… not impressive for either of us, I promise you. I actually fell down a hill.)

Then, in 2017 after a few years of no long distance, we did another Ironman. It wasn’t my first marathon after a swim and a bike, but it was the first marathon that I have ever run that wasn’t plagued by cramping or severe gastric distress, so we’ll call it the first success in a marathon I’d ever had.

Last, this summer, I finally somewhat figured out the distance running thing and made it through my first ultra-marathon in Killington. Style game on point.

Other than the obvious improvements in my personal style, I have learned A LOT about tackling your first marathon over the years, because in the last decade, I’ve detrained, retrained, and detrained and retrained so many damn times that I feel like every race has been my first. (Which is changing but that’s a post for another day).

But anyway, this week’s episode was all about how to train and tackle your first-ever marathon, and it’s a good one even if you’re just getting into running and not even thinking about racing. Give it a listen… and tell me here or on the social medias about your worst first race story!

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